Good competence, autonomy, and relatedness in learning essay example

In college, it is common for tutors to give the learners somewhat difficult (or perceived to be) tasks at the end of the term. To be able to do these tasks, learners requires competence, autonomy, and relatedness. Such traits are required for various reasons and at varying degrees.
Competence, the ability to perform a task successfully and efficiently comes in handy. It is the competence of the learners that guarantees the success of the tasks one is assigned. If the learners lack competence, their ability to produce quality work is greatly compromised and an indication that the learner did not pay attention during the whole process of learning. Therefore, the learner did not master the content as expected and as such, may be required to repeat or take the necessary measures as stipulated in the college or school regulations.
In addition to competence, one has to have the ability to relate what was learned. In this respect, the learner has to relate the different sections selectively to bring out the ideas as required in the assignment. It is common for the end-term assignment to be covering various sections of the course contents and hence, it’s the duty of the learner to portray the competence of sieving through them and synthesizing them into a whole concept. The learner ought to show applicability of the content by relating to life situation where such Knowledge is applicable. While doing this, the learner ought to display a great level of autonomy. It is imperative that the learner does not transfer word to word from the text books and notes. The learner ought to interpret the situations given and infer in great depths the circumstantial meaning and application of concepts and ideas other than the obvious.