Goals and objectives of the department of homeland security

Goals and Objectives of the Department of Homeland Security
The main aim of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to make sure that the nation is protected, secure as well as tough in opposition to terrorist activities along with other threats (Reiboldt, 2013). The organization ensures that the aim is followed by all the organizations and agencies that fall under the umbrella of DHS. The organization operates with the goals as well as objectives of protecting, preventing responding as well as responding to various threats to the nation. The core activities through which the organization achieves its aims is by preventing acts of terrorism and increasing the security of the nation, keeping the borders in check, enforcing various laws regarding the issue of immigration, safeguarding the space that is cyber in nature and standing tough in front of various disasters (Reiboldt, 2013).
The department is lead by Secretary Jeh Johnson who was given the leadership position during the period of 2013 and is recognized as the fourth individual to hold the position (Design, 2014). He has profound amount of experience in providing services in relation to securing the nation and enforcing the laws as well as practicing as a private attorney. He had previously held key positions to defend the nations. He was even employed as the Air Force department’s general counsel as well as assistant to the attorney of US for the southern district of the region of New York. There are seven assistant secretaries for the department including the assistant secretary of policy, foreign affairs, strategic management, and private sector. The main secretary is Alan Bersin who has been employed as an acting secretary for the office of policy making (Design, 2014).
Components of DHS
There are a total of 17 different directorates, offices as well as agencies that are a portion of the DHS. These include UCIS which serves the purpose of assisting those who want to migrate to the United States (Dhs. gov, 2014). CBP was created with the purpose of ensuring that terrorist as well as their warheads remained outside the soil of the United States. USCG was created to ensure the protection of the maritime region and practices of the United States (Dhs. gov, 2014). FEMA was created with the purpose of helping in improving the ability of the nation from protecting itself from any form of hazard. FLETC was created to train and develop the professionals of the law enforcement arena. ICE was created to ensure that the laws and regulations of the nations that were created regarding the border were being followed (Dhs. gov, 2014). TSA was created for the protection of the transportation system of the nation. USSS was created to provide protection to the financial elements of the nation. Management Directorate was created to manage the financial area of the DHS. NPPD was created to manage the risks of the department. S&T was created to perform research and development for the DHS. DNDO’s purpose is to protect the nation against nuclear threats, OHA was created to manage the healthcare arena of DHS. I&A was created to provide the department with intelligence regarding threats to the nation.
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