Global language

The Importance of English Communication Skills Full The necessity to learn the English language is caused by globalization. A common language needs to be spoken by various cultures because the environment of most companies nowadays includes diverse races and languages. Since English is known to be a language oftentimes used in schools in many countries, it seems to be the most commonly used language that could probably connect different people together. The employment of Asian races skilled in computer engineering is called by the increase of the demand for technological advancements. To bring about a successful business, Westerners who have leadership and effective communication skills are necessary as well. Moreover, to further business competencies, other nationalities who are able to provide other necessary skills are needed to be employed also. As a result, different races are required to work together. However, because of language barriers, problem may arise when the employees who are from diverse cultures are not able to understand each other. Therefore, a certain level of accuracy in speaking the English language is required by modern employments from applicants. As a result, the problem on miscommunication is lessened by this requirement.
As a major role player in the current global business, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese students are enrolling in American schools for them to improve their communication skills and increase their possibility for employment. Most of the students encounter difficulties when they go to American universities. Compared to them, foreign students who arrive in the country at a younger age are able to be more resilient. This is the reason why a lot of students think that they should have come to the United States earlier than they had. Some also think that they could have been more equipped if they used English more often when they were studying in their own country. In addition, they say that they would have done everything they could if only they knew that they will be having such difficulty speaking in English in a foreign land.
Consequently, many students made up their minds concerning their learning. Studying may be difficult for them but they do it anyway because they now understand its value. Reading a lot of English books and other materials is another means students employ to meet their needs. Watching English movies is another. However, most students prefer watching the news because they are sure to be able to follow correct grammar and word usage compared to watching movies. In addition, making friends with native speakers and conversing with them frequently is a wise technique language learners employ.
To improve one’s speech is perhaps the primary reason for learning the English language. However, to use English effectively in everyday interactions should become a more important reason for someone to learn the language. Probably, to enhance a person’s English language skills will be a lot easier when communication is made on a daily basis. Nevertheless, speakers should make sure to use correct grammar and vocabulary as these are often the common mistakes committed by non-native speakers. In conclusion, since speaking in English is not only useful in improving one’s personality but a person’s professional life as well, it should become a common activity for all students.