General education in community college essay example


The basic trend towards General Education, along with specialized education in the community colleges as well as universities is something worth marveling at. General education is a study common to all disciples, which is needed for the overall development of the students. This education is not a subject of specific discipline; it is an education of character, general awareness, opinions, critical thinking, and reasoning. This study is needed by all citizens, to develop them into responsible adults and countrymen. So, the general education in the curriculum of most colleges, these days, is an essential matter in study. The thesis statement is if the study of general education is good. There are many pros to it.
The pros are manifold. To elucidate further, a person might be highly educated in his field of study, but if he doesn’t have the knowledge of critical thinking, he can’t contribute meaningfully to society. His degrees will go to waste,
if he doesn’t have the sense to apply his knowledge in a fruitful way. Unless, there is a thought process that involves overall society as a whole, and makes the practical application of the degrees earned effective and successful, the knowledge gathered goes to waste. “ And these same skills can also prevent you from being at the mercy of the subtle manipulation used by some advertisers.” (Michael W. Austin 4)
There is another aspect of thinking through situations, and making the system of governance better. The United States of America is a country wherein the political system is that of democracy. Since, the voice of majority counts in a democratic system, there is always a chance of the minority being suppressed. The proper knowledge of general education helps everyone have a logical mind, and rational thought process. They can voice their opinions clearly, and concisely. This helps in every voice being counted in the political system, and “ when it clearly has a wider relevance.” (Joseph Urgo 3)
The most important facet of general education is that it helps in a person becoming a better individual. A principle of Mathematics, a formula in Chemistry, a law in Physics, a date in History, a physiological fact in medicine- these might seep out of memory. However, far important is to remember the general principles learnt. If
we remember the way we are supposed to behave with others, the way we are supposed to solve a problem logically, the way in which we can voice our opinions, that is the true education attained. The lesson of character is the best lesson learnt. General education makes us aware of our inherent strengths, and weaknesses. We can emulate the best examples of persons, who have been successful, and have contributed to society. We can be innovative in the betterment of society. “ It would also provide an easy way for adults to learn new careers.” (Jeffrey Selingo 14 )
No wonder, with all the benefits it provides, general education has evolved as an excellent subject to study. Many claim that such education is not needed, and “ for undeclared students who are most likely exploring their interests and are unsure of what subject areas interest them the most.” (Elise Martorano 11 ). The core of general education is to make the society better. If examples are considered, it can be seen that people who have had general education, and know things of the world, are better individuals. A man, who is aware of the way a true gentleman’s character is shaped, will never be abusive to his wife, nor ever raise his hands on his children. But, a famous doctor, if he is not a well- groomed character, will
neither be a success at his profession, nor at his home. If people argue that the general education course diverts the focus from the main area of study, and it is hectic to study an extra subject, they must remember unless general education is implemented, a country can’t progress.
The people of the country make society. If the individuals study, and make successful doctors, engineers, lawyers, and businessmen, the country will prosper economically. However, if by inculcating general education, the persons of the country can become better individuals, and make the society progress as a whole, the country progresses socially. The combination of successful economics and social growth can take the country to the true path of growth and development. Only then is a country superior in every arena. Thus, general education is an important course of study, and absolutely essential as a subject in community colleges. Implementation of the general education, for the overall development of the country and its citizens, is an important facet for progression towards a happy ending, and we have to attain that.

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