Gardening to reduce stress

Stresscan really weigh down on our life and limit our activeness. There are many ways that one can use to manage the high level of stress. One of the most effective ways is to burn up that stress. One will do something, whether conscious of it or not as a way of draining the tension in every day life. These activities may involve physical and mental exertion or engaging in a pleasurable activity.

However it should be noted that the activity that one use to burn away tension are usually unique and very idiosyncratic to an individual person. It is therefore important for every one to try and find out which activity can be considered as a stress releaser. In this paper we are going to illustrate gardening as one of those activities which can be successfully used to manage stress.


In our daily life, many of us garden because we have to grow and produce our own fruits, vegetables, and other types of foods.  Other will do so for economic activities. In our home compound, we may do gardening to create an attractive landscape where we can sit with our friends and relax.

However gardening, regardless of the purpose with which it is done can be therapeutic. It is used as a way of fighting and relieving tension in our life. For some of use grading can relax our mind, body, and spirit. However we should understand that it is not gardening that is relaxing our mind, but it is the way we approach it. Once gardening is taken as a chore, it cannot effectively relax our bodies and mind but it turns out to be stressing. To relieve stress with gardening, it should be viewed as an enjoyable activity.

While gardening, focusing on the main activity that one is undertaking or the activity at hand is the key to relieve stress and relax the body.   The continuous gardening activities like digging, chopping, and to an extent hitting motions are also key to relieve stress and tension in life.

There are also strenuous activities in gardening which act as an outlet for aggression and consequently wades of the aggression burning in our body which can be a cause of stress andanxiety.

However it is not only strenuous activities which can relieve stress in gardening. Just taking a simple walk around the garden can be sufficient for others to take away their stress.

When you take a walk around the garden, ensure that you take in all the available colors, textures, and fragrances available. This will give you a different experience from that of your house or your usual workplace. By the time you complete your walk around the garden you should be feeling better.

If you want to relieve stress through gardening, take into consideration the following points:

Make a “ to do” list which should be short so that you can stick to every activity planned for. It is advisable that not to put all activities in on list or try to do everything in one afternoon, evening or a weekend.

Since you are doing gardening for the purpose of relaxing, it is advisable to follow the normal exercise cycle or pattern of stretching, warm up, control, and others.

Ensure that you apply the same vigor to garden activities like digging beds, turning composite, or cultivating as in other exercising activities like weight lifting, playing football, running orswimming.

After ahard workin the garden, stop and take a rest. Be conscious and try to control your breathing.  Take a deep breathe, stretch your body and relax during the resting period.

While resting, stop and take a moment to observe what is around, hear, smell, touch and taste all what is around you. To add variety, you can listen tomusicwhile gardening.

You can also use markers in your garden, and every time you see such a marker, stop, relax and take a deep breathe

In our society, stress is weighing down the life of many people. It is better to allow the natural rhythms of gardening in order to slow you down and calm you. When you pay attention to gardening you will get more involved and fulfilled. It is also important to remember that how you garden is more important than just gardening.

When you find time, you can volunteer. There are many areas in gardening where you can volunteer including horticultural therapy programs. If you cannot find gardening more fulfilling in your home, you can volunteer innursinghomes, day care center facilities or in hospitals and engage in gardening.


Stress affects the life of many people. However many people suffer in silence without knowing how to cope with that stress.  It is important to realize that there are many activities in our surrounding that can help us to relive our stress. Gardening is one of the most important activities that can assist you to relieve stress.

You should take gardening not only as an economic activity but it can also help you to relax. However your approach to gardening is important to help you relieve stress. Next time you feel stressed, think about gardening. It may help you to relax and reduce you stress. But remember, the approach is more important than the activity itself