Gangnam style essay


We are living in a world where the media is playing a crucial role in our lifestyles. The media is of educative value together with being and tool for entertainment. Gangnam style is a type of dance associated with a Korean popular singer known as Park Jee Sung. The name is also associated with a place in Korea in with a unique lifestyle. This essay will seek to identify how to produce different styles of music. It will also seek to give a thorough analysis into Gangnam style and how the dance style fulfills different aspects in the place of its origin.

Suggestions made by the Gangnam Style

The style suggested the cultural situation in Korea. The Style is associated with the Korean sumptuous way of life in a certain district. This implies that the country has social classes which are characterized by opulent lifestyle. Gangnam borough in Korea is considered as one of the regions where the privileged live. The term Gangnam once translated in English means the ‘ swag’. Use of this term by the artist implied the kind of attitude the people and the artiste himself had towards the Gangnam district. The worldview of the region is a place comprising of the rich class of people. The dance is also associated with the horse running style. It is not everybody who can afford a horse and this further fits the description of Gangnam district. The preoccupation of the people in this district is only making money. The notion of most people is that everything in Gangnam is good due to the wealth associated with the region. Media can be used to get information about a place or a region. As a media student, one does not need to go to Korea to comprehend the situation in the country but through interpreting the dance; we can come up with the situation in the country.
The presentation of Gangnam style does not belong to any recognized genre. This is due to the fact that the only artist who came up with it is viewed as the one who invented it. After the style came out, it took some time for people to identify with it. The origin of the style was Park’s own creativity. This is because before the release of his music, the style was not popular. Media industry is one of the most creative industries and it is thus possible to invent new styles depending on the creativity of an artist. As a dancing style, Gangnam style does not belong to another genre. As a dancing style, Gangnam is only a personal creativity of Park, and this shows how media studies enhances allows its students to enhance their creativity by coming up with unique styles. It started as a song which came out also as a creation of Park (Silverblatt, Art 62). It was a genre of a song instead. The writer of the song mixed humor and simple local side-splitting dance which later brought out the style and made it quite admirable to many music lovers around the world.
Predictable formula in this style in is the fact that the writer and initiator of the style converted a story into a poetry and then to a song. The song also took the form of a dance which was an original form of style. This can be said to be a classic formula of coming up with a style in media studies. Although the Park was not a student by the time he was inventing the style, he came up with the style by employing a unique formula which took a lot of creativity and editing of some realities. He had to edit the story to reflect what eh had in mind (Day, Louis A 34). The formula in this style can be seen in the way Park used female viewpoint to highlight characters which are demonstrated ideal from the young women’s aptitude to make over their temperament as state of affairs dictate.
Editing enabled Gangnam style to reduce the duration of the anecdote to a poetic form. The originality of the story did not get lost. The personality of the story was retained, as well as the main message which was later converted into the song and later to the song (Day, p. 25). Editing played a key role in ensuring that everything served the purpose it was supposed to play without losing its true identity.
The gagman genre had a lot of suggestions about the cultural attitude of the people of Korea. Upon breaking down the meaning of Gangnam in English, the name denote ‘ south (nam) of the river (gang)’ (Potter, W. James 96). The song indicates that the river is the Han River. The river passes through the metropolis of Seoul. Seoul is the principal city of Korea. The song is brought out to show that Rive Han was of significance in the cultural code of the Korean people.
Culturally, the Gangnam genre indicates that the preoccupation was aimed at creating wealth. The northern part of Seoul took is where Gangnam was located and it is said that the place was known for the economic power. It thus means that the area was made up of busy people who made sure they continued uplifting themselves economically.
A cultural myth surrounding this genre is that it depicted horse running style. The other cultural myth is that everybody in the Gangnam area was successful. That everything in the town looked nice and had no defect (Croteau, D. &William H. 230). The genre suggests the worldview of a people who view life form totally different scenarios. They have the worldview beautiful girls are found in rich environments such as Gangnam.
This genre traces its origin from Korea. For a long time, people have only known the Gangnam as an area occupied by the elite, without the thought that it could be a music genre. After Park wrote the song, many people did figure out the significance the song could bring to entertainment world (Mid-Continent 1). People took a long period of time to like the song not to talk of the interesting dance. Over time, the genre started to gradually attract the people who sow it as necessary for their entertainment for the sake of their happiness. The shifts arose in terms of likes and dislikes.
The shifts indicate that the only permanent thing in life is change. A close observation of this genre to the people is that many people did not like the style immediately after it was introduced. As days went by, and people started to understand the content s of the genre and many they started watching and liking it as well.
In conclusion, the Gangnam is a genre whose success can be praised on Park’s creativity. He brought out the genre from scratch to a very influential and a well loved style. The fact is that it is not only an entertaining role as directs. It is also seen by many as a cultural.

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