gagne’s eight distinctive types of learning

Discuss how this does or does not apply to you and your learning Signal learning(p. 79) An individual learns to make a general, diffuse response to a signal. This is the classic conditioned response of Pavlov. Thus meaning an emotional response. (p. 79) Signal learning does apply to me because I do more times than none respond in an emotional state. I respond in a way of how I am feeling at any given time. If I am upset, I would answer in a aggressive way.

Stimulus-response learning (p. 79) The learner acquires a precise response to a discriminated stimulus. What is learned is a connection Thorndike) or a discriminated operant (skinner), sometimes called an instrumental response (Kimble). This meaning, learning is voluntary controlled, it’s a desire. (p. 79) Stimulus-response learning applies to me because I am always willing to learn. Life is all about learning new things and that’s why I am back in school because I need better in my life and the only way to get better is make choices to learn more. I make the choices to learn.

Chaining (p. 79) What is acquired is a chain of two or more stimulus-response connections. The conditions for such learning have been described by Skinner and others. It’s a linked sequence. (p. 79) Chaining applies to my learning because you must get all the necessary information to help with the things you have learned in my life. Learning is like steps and some are linked together and others may not be. I learn the way that is best for me.

Verbal association (p. 79) Is the learning of chains that are verbal; Basically, the conditions resemble those for other (motor) chains. However, the presence of language in thehuman beingmakes this a special type because internal links may be selected from the individual’s previously learned repertoire of language. (p. 79) Verbal association does not really pertain to me because I am more a hands on person. I like to see what I am learning instead of hearing it. I feel I learn better if I have an illustration to reference back to. Multiplediscrimination(p. 79)

The individual learns to make different identifying responses to as many different stimuli, which may resemble each other in physical appearance to a greater or lesser degree. Responses to a series of similar stimuli that differ in a systematic way. (p. 79) Multiple discrimination does not really apply to me because, if I’m understanding it right it would distract me with learning multiple things at the same time. I like to learn one thing then move on to the next so I don’t forget what I learned. Concept learning (p. 79)

The learner acquires a capability to make a common response to a class of stimuli that may differ from each other widely in physical appearance. He or she is able to make a response that identifies an entire class of objects or events. It forms the basic of the ability to generalize, classify. (p. 79) Concept learning does apply to me, I am always wanting more out of learning. I feel developing and having the knowledge of many things is a great benefit to have throughout life. Learning new skills is important. Principle learning (p. 79)

In simplest terms, a principle is a chain of two or more concepts. It functions to control behavior in the manner suggested by a verbalized rule of the form. “ If A, then B,” which, of course, may also be learned as type 4. (p. 79) Principle learning does apply to me because In my current job I just became supervisor of my shift. Principle learning allows me to know the rules are different, yet it still allows me to adapt to the all the rules and perform my job. Problem solving (p. 79)

Problem solving is a kind of learning that requires the internal events usually called thinking. Two or more previously acquired principles are somehow combined to produce a new capability that can be shown to depend on a “ higher-order” principle. (p. 79) Problem solving defiantly applies to me. I am a brain stormer and I like to have a set idea of what each situation will bring. I like to make sure each situation is resolved and taken care of in a timely manner. As a supervisor, problem solving is on my job description.