Function of art

Function of Art Art connects people by offering an idea they can relate to. It is important as it helps to improve and learn in areas ofcommunication, expression, and historical understanding. Another reason art is important is its interwoven relationship withcultureon the basis that culture is articulated and influenced by art. It is a way to communicate and express ones thoughts anddreamsthrough cinema, dance, literature, music, painting, sculpture, and theater. As a child I grew up in the Bay Area and was introduced to art at a very young age.

I was very fortunate to be exposed to several types of art forms from going to the San Francisco ballet, the de Young Museum, the Curran or Orpheum Theater, and San Francisco Symphony. Even though I was introduced to art at a young age I did not come to fully appreciate art until much later in life. From kindergarten to fourth grade I took ballet. From fifth grade thru high school I was involved in music, theatre, and art through different mediums such as painting, clay, and wire. I tend to lean toward art in the form of painting or theatre for inspiration.

The artist that stands out is Jackson Pollock, an American painter whose form of painting is referred to as abstract expressionism. Jackson Pollock’s art conveys the mindset of Abstract Expressionism. The painting has a life of its own. Pollock’s paintings are a spirited technique of pouring and dripping paint onto a canvas on the floor. It has been said that Pollock is more at ease working on the floor as he feels closer to his painting literally seeing it from every side becoming one with the painting. Pollock’s painting aborts traditional composition and lacks a fundamental motif.

His works stimulates the viewer’s peripheral vision thus one’s eyes are continuously moving. I am fascinated by his work, and can attain creative and inspiration from his paintings. Theatre stimulates creativity in problem solving and challenges perceptions about the world and about one’s self. It provides an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams and if only for a few moments explore a new role or understand problems faced by figures of literature or historical. Theatre is at the center of is communication.

Like any arts theatre allows us to communicate and understand others in new and different ways. In today’s increasingly information-centered world theatre provides guidance in the practical characteristics of communication. Participating in theatre made it easy for me to speak in public, be more persuasive both in oral and written communications and able to put myself into someone else’s shoes. It also made me a more positive, confident and discipline. Through theatre I learn to cooperate, work together, contribute, collaborative, listen and accept the viewpoints of others.

Theatre is an important tool for preparing one to live and work in a world that is increasingly team-oriented rather than hierarchical. I have researched the subject of art serving a societal purpose. Art bring awareness to humanities by means of presenting truths that cannot be articulated in another way. Art connects a society by offering an idea most can relate to. Philosophies that come from art lead to an enriched society, as long as we take action based on the values seen in art. Art can inspire sympathetic but reveal misconceptions, which are parts of the human experience as related in society.

Perception can be a beneficial as one gains a better understanding of their place in society and about society as a whole. If the individual puts this new understanding into practice society will profit. Although I have some background in the arts, I would like to further my learning and discover more areas, such as music, cinema, and dance. I find value in painting as it helps develop insightful meaning and entice creativity in me. Theatre has helped me to develop an understanding for the world and the physical elements within it.

Finally, art should be viewed as serving a purpose to society an important aspect that connects people by offering an idea that people can relate to. If the people act upon their artistic ideas society can better Because of this art should not exist solely for its own sake. Art is a drive to communicate an interpretive way, not bound by status quo. It is a sign of evolving society. Art is a way to express inner thoughts and feelings that words cannot. It is an emotional and physical outlet with symbols and meaning for us to interpret. Art is this and more, and its function is to expand communication on higher levels of thinking.