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Element 1

The evaluating the sample it is evident that there is proper research that is included in the various claims made. This is because an appropriate and detailed background regarding the assignment is provided given the reader a clear understanding of the topic. This is through establishing the various policies and changes that were implemented in the two countries that resulted in the change in analysis. This is through the empowerment that takes place where people realized their rights and start to push for their rights. It is this movement that resulted in the change that takes place where there is the recognition of the diverse human rights. This is where people even slaves realize that they deserve to be treated equally to guarantee their liberation from oppression. Oppression being a significant aspect that contributes to the diverse changes that take place is well analyzed giving adequate understanding to the nature of the existing challenges. The idea that is put across where the French revolution being a significant aspect that led to the declaration of equal rights regardless of the various controversies that existed is essential in forming an argument. This is due to the uprising that is seen through the declaration where slaves want to be freed and reserve equal rights since they fall under the all man category (The French Revolution). This is despite the declaration not putting across any comment regarding slaves and women. The concept in the essay is also unique in the way that the French Revolution is credited to influence the Haiti revolution. This is because Haiti was part of the French colony, and the declaration made influenced its operations. This is in the essence that Haiti being a colony of French experienced an uprising where the people start demanding for their rights where they expect to be treated equally like French national. This is a concept that is well elaborated giving a clear understanding that gives a brief but accurate insight of the events that took place resulting change. Based on the reasoning provided, it is inevitable to state that the French revolution was significant in supporting Enlightenment principles compared to the Haiti revolution (Egalite for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution).

Element 2 & 3

In spite of the credibility and ground that is used to support the argument provided in the essay, more materials that are credible would have been used. These may have included diverse books and peer-reviewed journals. The use of peer-reviewed journals would have made the argument stronger in the essence that they are properly suited to use in academic work. This is because they are thoroughly inspected and the various details adequately reviewed to guarantee the credibility of the information being passed. Books and journals are also equipped with the major details that would have been useful in providing a stronger argument than already provided in the essay. This is because individuals with the right knowledge that is required in the relevant subject analyze them.
In terms of the grading, I would have graded the paper with a B. The grade provided will be due to the steps that are providing giving a proper understanding of the assignment. The writer has provided an appropriate introduction and thesis statement that provides the reader with the understanding of their position in the question that is being elaborated. The argument provided in the main argument is also detailed that leaves the reader with an understanding of the basis that have been used to reach the conclusion. The conclusion provides and over view of the key points that have been discussed that support the conclusion reached (Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen).

Work cited

“ Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen,” French National Assembly, August 1796.
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