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Sexual harassment is one of the social problems that are common in our society today. Sexual harassment might exist in different settings within the society ranging from our homes, schools, workplaces and even public places. Sexual harassment in the work places has been a major problem for most employers in our country today. Most organizations have come up with different ways in which to punish this behavior that threatens the peaceful coexistence of work members within an organization. It is important that any member of an organization that suffers any form of sexual harassment to report it to the relevant authority figures within that organization. It is important that any case of sexual harassment within an organization be properly investigated, and a proper solution found to get rid of this menace.

Action Plan

Once an employee makes allegations of sexual harassment from a co-worker, it is important that the organization carries out an extensive investigation to find out the events that led to the case. Due to the sensitive nature of this issue, all investigation should be done in private and confidential manner so as not to damage the reputation of either the accuser or the alleged harasser.


After carrying out an investigation and considering all facts and explanations regarding the issue, it is important to find out whether the case of sexual harassment occurred in the first place. There must be sufficient evidence that sexual harassment took place before proceeding to the next stage.


Once it is determined that sexual harassment occurred, this stage would involve coming up with steps that are practicable to prevent a repetition of behavior. It would involve denying the accused certain privileges from the work place or disciplinary action against him or her. It is important that the accuser be involved in this stage to give his or her opinion about the punishment given to the accused.

Disciplinary action against the alleged harasser:

This step involves taking disciplinary action against the accused in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations regarding this case. The action taken here will depend on the results on the case and should be fair to both the accuser and the accused.

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