Free market

Free Market. Conclusion: The of the IASB Conceptual Framework are meeting and will continue to meet till they hopefully complete the allotted task in the year 2010, as envisaged at present. The era to which they belong and to which we all belong, is unprecedented in the human history.
Thousands and thousands of pages of human history daubed in blood, concerning the ‘growth’ of human civilization ask a crying question. How to make the human life on this Planet Earth (now the scientists have crossed the moon and do research to beat the stars!) happy, peaceful and beautiful’ The answer is simple and direct. Let your eyes be full of understanding, let your heart be full of love, may you ever remain free from conflicts- this is all that the humanity needs! No conflicts of any types, including social and economic! You IASB committee members have the real task before you to shape the destiny of humanity. Tomorrow’s bread must be assured from today’s labor to one and all. All economic discrimination, overt and covert, must come to an end. In the olden days, it was the war to conquer territories. Now, it the war to control economic interests! In both these types of warfare, the common man suffers. Therefore, they must stop.
What Roman Emperors, Greek Philosophers, Indian Sages, World War I & II heroes could not achieve, the technological revolution and its byproduct internet, have made it possible. Internet has literally conquered the world, without a bullet being fired. The world has no other alternative but to unite and work in the business world and in the economic front. You are compelled to think in terms of universal prosperity, because that provides the lead to your prosperity as well.
You must, no doubt, think about wealth creation, but use it for the benefit of the people here, right now. No one can accommodate, howsoever giant may be one’s business empire inside the 6-7 feet tomb, which is the final destination for one and all, whether from the rich country or from the underdeveloped country.
IASB is on a great project. Many aspects concerning humanity, hitherto never considered in any economic and business set up, will be given due consideration. The terms of references have not only the mentioned propositions, but they seem to have a spiritual aura. If industrial magnates and those who control the destiny of humanity through push buttons of awful nuclear warfare were to think on socio-spiritual lines,-well, humanity can not expect anything beyond that.
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