Free job application admission essay example

It has always been my desire to get a degree in engineering and pursue my interest in this field. By choosing the right program I feel that I will be motivated to do my best in this field and also gain confidence. Since when I was young it has been my dream to study abroad. I have always been a responsible student and have been immensely interested in gaining more knowledge. With a high score of (3. 8) in GPA and being the best student in school, I was able to get a full scholarship from The Ministry of Higher Education to study in the United States. As a dedicated student I always spent my time on assignments and preparation for the lessons. This helped me to gain knowledge about the lessons taught in the class.
Having won an academic competition, I became an exchange student for a whole year in the United States. Determination to fulfill my dream of studying abroad made me work hard. My focus was on working towards my goal and I dedicated all the efforts to fulfill my desire. I devoted my time to developing the right skills and involved in studies beyond what was taught in class.
I was able to accomplish my vision by entering the university in the United States for an Engineering Degree. As a university student, I learned to value time and understood that time management was essential to become successful. My commitment and hard work helped me do my course well and I have almost completed my engineering degree. Although it was difficult, I am happy that I have the knowledge and skills to become an engineer.
This program has all that I am looking for. I perceive myself as a successful engineer in the future who is serious about his career. I feel that this kind of profession will be suitable for me. I am also looking forward to practicing all that I have studied. My desire is to work with a prestigious company in the US. My choice of location will be Boston, New York, Florida, Chicago, California, or Philadelphia.
I feel that my commitment to education will make me suitable for this program with which I am totally impressed. I feel confident that the PDI program will help me to have a good exposure to working environment. I wish to be perfect and equip myself with all the expertise needed to be well suited to take up challenging jobs. My passion in the field of engineering makes me determined to become a successful engineer and serve my country.