Free essay on work completed


The California Travel Planning Guide aims to provide prospective visitors of Disneyland with information about the theme park, particularly about the activities that they can do, the places that they can go to, and the souvenir items that they can purchase within the theme park.

This progress memo provides information about the project’s status to date, with the due date scheduled on July 27, 2012.

The project started on July 20, 2007 and will end on July 27, 2012. The Project is divided into the following major tasks: Project Planning, Brochure Design, Content Creation, and the Report.

Project Planning consists of the conceptualization phase where the group determined a viable project and where we identified the benefits of the project for the intended audience. The subtasks that were needed for the project were also divided among the group’s members. In this regard, the Repurposing Justification document has been completed. Specifically, I was responsible for answering the first three questions that served as a guide for this document.

Brochure Design consists of the artistic elements and layout of the brochure and Content Creation consists of the text or information that will be included in the brochure. The Report, on the other hand, will contain information about the project’s details.

Work Scheduled:

The remaining tasks consist of the Brochure Design and Content Creation, which I plan to complete on or before July 26, 2012. In this task, I must ensure that the design and layout will be usable to the audience in that they can easily access the information they need and that the information is presented in a readable format. The brochure will display a map of Disneyland on the first page and will be divided into three sections, namely Attractions, Activities, and Shopping. I have to ensure that these sections are laid out in a distinct manner so that the audience can easily navigate through the various parts of the brochure. In addition, the brochure will include images of the various attractions, activities, and souvenir items within Disneyland. I have to make sure that these images are placed in the proper places and have the right sizes so that they don’t interfere with the content, are clear and visible for the audience, and are aesthetically pleasing. For the content, my source of information will be the Disneyland website.


One of the problems the group encounters with the project is the amount of work involved in sorting through the vast amount of information that’s available about Disneyland. We have to make sure that we provide the audience with relevant information and so we have to identify the information that would be of most importance to them. In addition, it will be hard to get accurate information about the prices of the tickets and items sold within Disneyland as the information indicated online may be outdated and the actual establishments may not be willing to share such information with us.


The California Disneyland Travel Planning Guide project is in progress and is on track towards its deadline on July 27, 2012. Despite the difficulties encountered, the group is sure to complete this project as scheduled. The group will meet for more than two hours everyday until the 26th in order to make sure that the deadline is met. In addition, we will try to get our classmates’ feedback with regards to the brochure to further ensure that it is usable.