Free essay on power and politics

1. After completing graduation, once I join an organization as an employee, I would be using my skills to achieve a fast and good career growth. For a new employee it is imperative to understand his role and organization culture. He needs to evaluate his role and what type of power will be useful for him. I will be using all my personal power which means characteristics and expertise to influence senior management and colleagues. I will showcase my skills and abilities to perform the assigned tasks in best manner. Based on the research studies, it is recommended to use personal power in the job. The personal power is most effective thing and it is directly linked with the job satisfaction, commitments and performance of the employee, which are the key elements to career growth. A new employee should also use nine power tactics to influence his boss and colleagues.
2. ” Sexual harassment should not be tolerated at the workplace.”
Sexual harassment is a serious issue and it could be detrimental for employer, employee and organization. It is responsibility of employer to set up an effective process to deal with such type of complaints. Any kind of Sexual harassment should not be tolerated because it negatively affect the employee, organization and work environment. Organization should take every step to prevent such incidents and clearly pronounce its sexual harassment policy as intolerable. Looking at the consequences of sexual harassment one can say that it should not be tolerated at the work places.
” Workplace romances are a natural occurrence in organizations.”
Workplace romance is becoming a common thing in organizations. Organization should not form any policy to discourage this practice as it is human nature and people will find alternate ways. It affects negatively the productivity of employees involved in act by spending many working hours together and also impacts the surroundings by creating distraction due to publicly display of warmth. Workplace romance sometimes leads to unwanted favors when employee is romancing with his or her supervisor or manager and further lead to dissatisfaction among employees. Employer need to control such activities as they may lead to case of sexual harassment.


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