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Ubbe Eert Iwwerks is among the famous and greatest animators of America. He started his job at a tender age of 18 years by joining an advertisement agency and went ahead in the creation of animation films. This success was evident when he joined hands with Walt Disney and came up with a character called Mickey Mouse. On Mickey Mouse character, Ubbe facilitated his success of parting ways with Walt Disney and starting to work on his own by carrying out most of the work in the film.
Otto Messmer was an American animator popular in the entire world. That is, way before the emergence of the art of Ubbe Eert Iwwerks. He came up with the character of Felix that gained its popularity before Mickey Mouse kicked in. He joined an advertisement firm where he met with Sullivan enabling him to produce animation films that made their way through the market of America film industry (Cavalier, 2011 p. 34).
Both Ubbe Eert Iwwerks and Otto Messmer developed the interest of animation during their childhood stage. Most of the activities that took place in the cinemas and art of drawing were fascinating Otto Messmer. During their endeavors of reaching greater height in the animation work, their efforts were appreciated by different people whom they joined hands with them.
Both animators had conflicting ideologies with their partners causing them to separate. This means that Ubbe Eert separated with Walt Disney though they reunion after he failed to obtain his set goals whereas Otto Messmer was in good terms with Sullivan though he resisted and discontinued the Felix character series which was then making a tremendous progress. Ubbe Eert made use of the existence of Xeroxing mode of new technology in creating an efficient and effective technique or mode of animating. On the other hand, Otto Messmer concerning Felix character he uses a general and simple design to attract animation lover attention. He incorporated a black and white form thus exhibiting simplicity in his art. Otto took pride in his entire work and was loved for his unique and good character together with his designs. This way he gains popularity therefore being featured in different products (Cavalier, 2011 p. 72).
Mickey Mouse has been a success because Ubbe Eert was so determine to achieve his desire. This saw him draw the entire art within a short period and on his own on the contrary Otto Messmer work hand in hand with Sullivan to realize Felix the cat success. In addition, the personality of Messmer that made most the audience love his films thus contributing to the success.
Felix the cat stands out to be the best. When one begins to watch Felix the cat, it is much easier for any age group to connect with the story line that is written in realistic ideas. To begin with, the storyline feature the life of many comical cats that portray a personality of funny individuals in life (Cavalier 2011 p. 98). The source of inspiration of the writer was a real life story and it was much easier to connect his story with cats. Felix the cat a funny character in life that is always making the young kittens in life happy, he is always there to protect them when a danger arises and he always solves their problem when an issue occurs. Adding to this, between the two film animals stands out to feature on both, however, Felix the cat reads first in history. I believe in art and do I believe in creating new pieces of art.
Felix the cat is an idea piece of art worth international audience. This is because the author expanded his animation to songs, comic and promotional pieces of arts. The artwork was a perfect of reaching his audience through the different art works that he produced. For example, he was able to reach music lover after introduction of songs in Felix the cat because not everybody was interested in watching comical Felix. In 1920, Felix the cat was published as a promotion material with the aim of getting more people into viewing his work and this was seen as a great way of reaching individual who could afford television or could not hear (Cavalier, 2011 p. 112).
In addition, one thing I love about Felix the cat was that it was a cartoon that featured different culture in it. Felix the cat was an animation that exposed different cultures around the world in its screen show that was aired weekly on television. Otto Messmer hosted different guest to participate in the making of Felix the cat, this guest brought different ideas from where they were coming and thus making it educative about culture. This gave different audience and readers a chance to be proud of Messmer production because it was uniting different audience together.
In conclusion, animation during this century saw the success and fall down of Felix the cat and the entry of Mickey Mouse all together. It is during this era that artist discovered the art of animation.

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