Free essay about failure helps us learn

Life constantly challenges us. A person who wants to success in life needs to be positive and ready for failure, because failure is a good practice. Failure makes us try as many times as it is needed for us to reach the desired point and feel that in the end all the hard work was worth it. Life is full of ups and downs; every one of us faces different situations and gains different experience throughout the life journey. Some try to learn from their own or other’s experience, however others find their experience too hard to face, think over and reflect upon. They can’t accept the failure and feel like nothing worse can ever happen to them. No one is perfect and there is no a living soul on this planet who has never made a mistake in his life. After all, not making mistakes is not the most important thing, learning from our mistakes and do our best to avoid them in the future is.
Sometime we may be afraid to face our mistakes and don’t want to take a look at them. Though it is perfectly understandable, still the reality of life is that it’s better to accept our failure and try to fix it and find out what are the weaknesses, instead of blaming the situation.
I consider learning and experience to be the two essential keys of success. They are always linked together, as we learn from our past experience, and our past experience enables us to understand the current situation better and, consequently, make better decisions. The decisions we make have a very important impact on our life, so it is natural for us to consult with some experienced people like our parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. who have more experience in the situations we find difficult to resolve by our own. It is necessary to remember that the people we think to be the experts have gone a long way full of failures and mistakes in order to be proficient and understand some things better at the present time.
It is in the human nature to be curious and interested in various fields and get as much experience as we can; and it helps us to find the right way to success among the very many we face. For instance, if a parent tells their child to study so as not to fail, the child may or may not listen to the parent’s word, however if the student has found his true vocation, he will do his best to achieve and success in it. That is why it is essential not to learn for learning only, but to find the way one wants to follow and get all the valuable experience of. A friends’ or family member’s example may be useful, but nothing teaches us better than our own mistake. The best way of learning is to learn through failures, because we will naturally want to secure ourselves from the same mistake again and try our hardest to avoid the same failure in the future.
My education at CSULA has been a bright example of this. I have been CSULA student for two years; though in order to successfully complete the requirements and be able to graduate, I decided to take writing class since I have not passed my WPE. The WPE test is the only one I have ever failed, and it was one of the worst experiences in my life.
Having applied for a WPE test, I went to the workshop in order to have an idea about the writing, access some necessary information and get some writing tips. The writing I had to complete then was about friendship between opposite races, and I found it really hard to write in ninety minutes. I didn’t even know which side to stand, if I should argue or express my own opinion and whether I should be for or against it. Usually I have to focus and think about topic, thought I was under stress because of the short deadline and did not do well. I felt so upset afterwards. I started to blame the situation, and also blamed myself, because English is my third language after Farsi and Armenian, and I felt like I should have studied more and did not take enough effort. It was definitely hard for me to accept the failure. Finally, I decided to take the writing class after three years of no English class. At first it was extremely hard for me to write in every class and summarize the articles, but I got used to it after the second week. I find writing much easier now and I can notice that I have started to write better. During this class I have learned to focus on developing the idea first and then focus on the essay structure. I think I can apply it to life: we need to see through the problem first and only then plot a solution for it. This writing class has been very useful and definitely expanded my horizons. I am glad I failed my class now, because I would have never taken a writing class if it were not for my failure, and I have sure gained some valuable experience which I can and definitely will use further in life
Failures make us stronger, help us to learn better and be more conscious in our life. Being successful after a failure is more valuable than being successful for the first time, because a person who has finally succeeded after one or many failures has learned not to give up and pursue his goal until the very end, while a person who achieved something at the ease may think that he is lucky and no work is required from him in the future. Therefore failure is a step to success, because it gives us the idea that being determined and ambitious earns us more than simply being lucky. Failure gives a good opportunity to analyze our mistake and figure out what to do instead of giving up.