Free essay about draft2: the element sets and vocabulary

Using MODS Schema

The Metadata Object Description Standard (MODS) was created by the MARC Standards Office and the Library of Congress’ Network Development and in consultation with industry experts. MODS Schema complements has better substructure from very simple formats like Dublin Core, however simpler than detailed format complex structures like MARC 21. MODS have a high compatibility with MARC records (Godby, Smith, & Childress, 2008; Miller, 2011).
The MODS schema version 3. 2 standard element set has been used for designing the XML metadata. The element sets used are a standard format and is a well-defined structure. All the video games records must be created in the same format only thereby enabling the search and retrieval operations.

Factors Influencing the Decision of using MODS Schema

MODS schema is not only simple to use but also consists of a robust and a large vocabulary set of elements. MODS was developed by MARC Standards Office and The Library of Congress Network Development along with some industry experts in 2002 for a bibliographic element particularly for library applications and other use. As an XML schema, it is consisting of selected MARC records (the original metadata set) and also has some more element sets to enable creating a descriptive record set. The below table describes the collection specific records, their values and notes about each record to understand them. The table is also known as a CrossWalk, which would enable to transform a given set of schema from one metadata definition to another metadata.

Collection Specific META Data Schema and Element Sets for MODS

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Experience of creating the assignment

I had a wonderful experience while creating this assignment. I learnt a lot and my knowledge increased. I learnt about the MODS schema. During my research on creating the element sets and the XML metadata, I learnt about various MODS element sets. I understood how to create an XML file. I learnt about various metadata standards like MODS, MARC 21, Dublin Core and VRA. This assignment helped me in writing a precise report and how to represent data into meaningful information. I was able to create a schema for an online video library which is a digital collection. With this experience, I might as well create a metadata for any digital media like online books and digitized books.


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