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It is beneficial for the management of an organization to keep check on the employees’ morale by asking and listening to their employees as to how they can boost their productivity. The following are some ways to help motivate employees positively:
– Management should give more control to the employees over their work experience. This makes them feel less helpless even in the times of uncertainty.
– Rewarding and expressing gratitude to employees makes them feel appreciated which fosters in them the desire to continue producing good results.
– Leaders should keep the lines of communication open which makes the employees feel that they have the best interests of everyone in mind thus trust the management.
2. ( a)
The dominators are a threat to teamwork in an organization as they asserts superiority and authority to others. (Forsyth, p. 151) The management should recognize such employees and tame them by identifying the dominant positive traits that should be encouraged while suppressing the negative ones before they overshadow others and consequently leading to low self esteem and productivity in the other team members. A leader should therefore set the goal a specific team goal which will force them domineering employee to stay within the frames of the objective. A strong sense of confidence from the leader is required and proper communication with the domineering employee is crucial as a way of channeling their wealth of knowledge into a productive goal.
2. ( b)
A recorder performs the function of a “ group memory”. He/she documents discussions and outcomes and ensures everyone within the team is well updated of any developments and happenings in the team thus enhancing the team’s effectiveness towards achieving its objective. Daugherty (2011). A leader should identify those employees performing this task and express gratitude and reward them accordingly. This makes them feel appreciated making them more likely to help assist others and eventually increasing teamwork. Rewarding and appreciating a task well performed fosters the urge to continue producing better results and when group dynamics are positive, the team works well together.
2. (c)
The withdrawer or evader does not participate in the group discussions and could lead to a lopsided participation and tensions at group meetings. While some members in the team participate actively while others-the withdrawer-seem passive and are uninterested or withdrawn and offers personal opinions that are unrelated to the group.(Forsyth, p. 151). In order for a manager to handle withdrawers, it is necessary for him/her to personalize team meetings and develop strong a strong facilitation in these meetings. Employees look forward for an opportunity to talk to each other on current projects as well as their personal lives. The group leader should therefore create time in meetings for employees to make personal connections which helps the team function well and productively. (Feiner 2005)
2. (d)
The recognition seeker is boastful and in most cases dominates the session. Employees should never think of themselves as perfect and should be open to constructive criticism. The employees should be ready to hear the points of view of others without being defensive as this makes them coachable. It is therefore the duty of a leader to open curtains and clarify the expectations and define the responsibilities of each employee. This is to ensure that they understand their roles clearly and the impact they have on the organization. Making the employees feel responsible makes them feel connected to the organization and compelled to give their level best.
2. (e).
Manning, G. and Curtis, K. (2003) identifies the characteristics of the self-actualized person as self-actualized persons are:
– Realistic and are not fearful of things that are different. Instead, they view them logically and rationally.
– Problem-centered.
– Experience frequent peak experiences.
– Autonomous and spontaneous.
– Value privacy and solitude.
– Have a thoughtful sense of humor.
– Have self acceptance and a democratic view of the world.
On a scale of 1-10, i stand at 7 out of 10. In order to improve my score, I need to improve on my interpersonal relations and adopt the imperfections view that am not perfect and thus though comfortable of myself, I should never stop striving.


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