Free case study on recommendation for diana

I would recommend that Diana takes an Emotional Intelligence (EI) test. This test is important as it will test her ability to relate with other people and also give her an understanding of herself. Diana has presented herself as a stickler to detail and even fired some three people who tried to new customer service tactic (Maellaro, 2005). She also expects a lot from her staff and the hotel’s staff seems to be resentful of her. If Diana had for instance applied recommendations from her EI test prior to dismissing the three employees, she could maybe have gotten a positive aspect of their action. This would keep her in good books with her juniors and also seniors.
In order for Diana to get promoted next time, she needs to get advice from her colleague who got promoted. Her promoted colleagues will reveal to her the secrets to getting that promotion that she so much craves for. They can for instance advise her on how to relate with all her workmates in both junior levels and at the senior management positions.
In addition, Diana needs to change her working strategies with her employees. She seems to have lost touch with her employees and she is overly focussed on performance and sales targets while neglecting to establish friendship and amicable relationships at the personal level. Diana’s working strategies are “ aloof” of her employees and she is overly ‘ mechanical’ (Maellaro, 2005). Some of the working strategies she can adopt to improve her interpersonal relationships include visiting different employees and doing their kind of work for a short moment each day while exchanging pleasantries with them. Diana can comfortably relate to each kind of work because she has risen ranks in the company for a period of 20 years.


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