Free brave new world sociology essay sample

1) Compare “ feelies” to the movies of today. The Savage thinks we “ ought not see things like this.” What is the basis of his claim? Argue that he has a point using today’s movies.
In Brave New World, “ feelies” are the movies that are shown for the sake of consumption by the masses, which also provide the feelings films are meant to elicit for us. They are meant to create the sensations that the characters feel, which is ostensibly what films do already, but this is done in a much more literal sense. When Savage believes we should not “ see things like this,” he means that people are becoming addicted to mindless consumption, feeling instead of thinking about what they see. Today’s movies certainly encourage this mindset, by focusing much more on visuals and CGI than themes – with few exceptions, many big blockbusters that people go to see today do not give them insight into the human condition, or make them think about the world at large, but instead simply occupy them for two hours. 2) What does it mean to be free? According to the Brave New World, why does authority fear freedom?
For Brave New World, freedom is the ability to exercise your own will and make your own destiny, without having to fear consequences or control. Freedom is also freedom from labeling – people are controlled through their identification in social classes or castes. Authority fears freedom because it will allow people to wake up and no longer allow authority figures to control them; with true freedom, authority can no longer benefit from the power of subjugating others for their own purposes. 3) John and Bernard were both dissatisfied with life. Of all of your dissatisfactions with life, pick the most interesting one and discuss it in the context of whether your dissatisfaction is a result of moving closer to the Brave New World, or whether your dissatisfaction will be alleviated by further movement toward the Brave New World. Please pick a deep and significant dissatisfaction.
I would say that one of my primary dissatisfactions with life is the inability to find solace in the little things; I find it very difficult to be satisfied with what I have now. I always want more, different things, and want to reach out for different experiences, but it never sates that desire for more. I believe this dissatisfaction would, on its surface, be resolved by moving toward the Brave New World, as I would believe that I had everything I needed. However, this would be a false freedom, as it would just give me creature comforts instead of actually answering my philosophical need to be fulfilled on a real, spiritual level.
4) How might reading Brave New World alter your ethical behavior?
Reading Brave New World might lead to some changes in my ethical behavior. For one, I will learn to be more individualistic and make my own decisions based on what I think is right, rather than following suit with whatever will be most comfortable and convenient for the group. I will also do my best to not make assumptions about people of other social or economic classes, as the book successfully conveys the message that classes are state-assigned roles, not ones sought out or necessarily deserved by others.