Firefighters vs. police officers essay

The two careers are some of the best in the society, which many children wish to be. However, due to the name firefighting most people fear the career. The two careers have several similarities as well as difference. Their differences at some point end up converging as there are to the good of the society. They functions revolve around the safety of society. The comparison between police officers and fire fighters is relatively cross. Their duties and skills converge at a point of restoring safety to the society
Fire fighters are commonly identified from other careers using their big protective uniform. In addition to the uniform, they wear either red or yellow helmets. The uniform is called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or the bunker gear. They wear protective gear for the kind of duty they undertake. These gears include a steel toed and insulated rubber boots, helmet with goggles and insulated jackets not forgetting the jacket. Their functions include fighting fires and rescue the effected victims of fire. These uniforms are very important in while undertaking their function. They protect them from the effects of fire. To make their function a success, they use certain tools and equipment. They include fire track usually red carrying compressed air in a high-pressure tank, a fire horse pipe to spread the gas and long ladders. All there have primary functions in their fire fighting process.
Firefighter task is mostly centralized on putting of fires. However, there are other tasks, which are undertaken by the firefighters. The crew is usually trained with medical skills to handle emergency accidents and injuries. They takes care of the emergency injuries, which take place in the fire centers
Police on the other hand are very much involved in keeping law order. This is their main function. Citizens due to their blue or green uniform indentify them. They have their tools of work specified for different functions. These tools include handcuffs; OC sprays baton and a bulletproof for protection. They also carry a handgun for protection in times of attack. Police are involved in many disputes where they fight crime and unfairness in the society. For this reason, they require added protection both in terms of skills and in terms of equipment.
Apart from maintaining law and order, police officers have many other tasks. They are involved in controlling traffic and patrolling the highways. In such times, they look out for vehicles, which do not follow the traffic rules. They arrest those overlapping, not following the traffic lights, over speeding and over going other traffic rules.
Police and fire fighter have one thing in common. They struggle while undertaking their function; they are trained to have skills that help them tackle their difficult situations. While the firefighters risk in fire, the police ion the other hand risk with armed robbers, furious crowds that can react almost in any way. In their task, they have uniforms to identify themselves from the crowd. On the other hand, both careers carry specific tools and equipment specified for their function. This means that there is a lot in common between police and fire fighters. The careers also have no specific duty. They are trained to handle any situation that comes in their line of duty. For instance, the fire fighter put off fire, do first aid and structure buildings. Police also handle crimes, carry the culprits as well as doing first aid to the affected. The two careers are closely related as they are aimed to make the lives of citizens safe.