Fellowship application personal statement examples

For the past ten years, I have been immersing myself in the world of medicine and gaining a comprehensive education and roster of work experience. I have been published in the Journal of Infections Disease, and have presented case reports at the American College of Physician Regional Meeting of Southern California. During my residency training, any doubt I had about pursuing pulmonary and critical care medicine evaporated. Throughout my medical intensive care unit (MICU) rotations, I was ecstatic to see pathophysiology come to life and be utilized to care for the sickest patients in the hospital. I was fascinated by the immediacy of physiologic principles on virtually all of the body’s organ systems. I found the team approach in the MICU very appealing after seeing how it markedly improves the quality of patient care and the overall experience of patients and their family members. In addition, my MICU experience has shown me the importance of communication with family members.
In addition to my technical credentials, I believe my work ethic and skills make me an ideal candidate for this fellowship. Colleagues during my internships and residencies have noted my dedication and responsibility to my work, my kindness and diligence, my willingness to communicate – all excellent attributes to have in pulmonary and critical care. I am extremely hardworking, and I take great care to keep myself as informed and attentive as possible in my present medical environment.
My ultimate goal is to practice pulmonary and critical care medicine in the academic arena. I wish to be able to both work with patients and pursue my passion for teaching, focusing particularly on pulmonary and critical care issues. I believe that the best way I can help my patients is to lead the charge in medical education in the fields of pulmonary and critical care, so that my work in training other medical professionalscan help any number of doctors dealing with these issues in hospitals and critical care situations all over the world. I believe that this is the best use of my skills, as I will be able to help the most people, as well as pursue my aforementioned interest in pathophysiology.
Despite our grasp on modern medicine, there are still many conditions and diseases that need to be addressed, including HIV and mycobacterium avium complex infections (both subjects I have researched and reported on at an academic level). It is my sincere goal to take advantage of this pulmonary and critical care fellowship to expand my knowledge and skill set, so that I might help the medical community at large to understand these daunting and complex issues.