Feelings from the photos This work gives the best experience of creativity as far as pattern of objects are arrangement is concerned. The items systematic arrangement on the surface gives an attractive visual impression which absorbs one into a world of imagination. The innovative mode of presentation in these photos reminds one of the ability of art to change the way of life. The simplicity exercised in creating these photos and the clarity in their visual appearance is a source of inspiration to pursue art. The level of commitment and dedication of the artist is written all over the photos and this instills the spirit of positive attitude within any audience to the works. The choice of white color in one of the photos offers a great imagination of the beauty of art. Associating the background of the photos with individual dreams motivates on the basis of what simple creativity can yield in one’s life. The red pattern provokes the feeling of romance and facilitates appreciation of human relations. The artist has perfected the concept of balancing background with the foreground color tone variation which boosts the view of the photos from any dimension.
I feel satisfied by the beautiful pattern of the items embedded on the walls as portrayed by the photo. These photos remind me of the unexploited potential of creativity that is within every person. The work appears very natural and is testimony of what open mind can be blended with hands to produce. There is a feeling of purity which is portrayed by the photos in regard to the white color of the items.