“fallen angels” by walter dean myers essay sample

“ Fallen Angels” by Walter Dean Myers Essay Sample

It is said, “ All is fair in love and war.” In the book Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, Perry is sent to the Vietnam War where he is stationed in the Alpha Company. Here he meets Peewee, Lobel, Monaco, Brunner, Brew, and others. They find that even in war, there can always be a brotherly connection. These men come together as friends and as brothers to conquer the war and their fears together. Throughout the book, there is a distinct theme of togetherness, curse words, and many examples of good Christian values. But what theme is the most important throughout the book?

Togetherness was an important theme in the book because the Alpha Company men stuck together and watched out for each other. The men stuck together like brothers throughout the war, and were there for each other in hard and lonely time. Peewee and Perry became the best of friends in a small amount of time because they trusted each other. This shows that we are not alone and people will always be here to help us through hard times. We may feel alone at times, but we always have friends like Perry and Peewee to help us cope. There may be some good things about the book such as the themes, but there are some bad things too.

The curse words in a way were necessary for the book, but also in a way were not. They were inappropriate language, though, knowing that ids would also be reading the book. It is an alright book to be reading in a Catholic school if it is read with good intentions and for a good purpose. If it helps students understand what they learn, it should be allowed in schools no matter what kind of school it is. This is not a distraction, though from the Christian values of the book.

Brew had good Christian values throughout the book because when he feels like he is in trouble, he prays s to God. He knows that God will help him through his struggles. Brew always wanted to be a priest, and when he got to war, he was not afraid of talking about his faith life or his values. I see my faith values come through in the book because of how Brew shows himself. Society can benefit from this book because they will have an idea of what war is like, and how hard it is to be fighting for a country and how strong you have to be.

In the book, they experience sticking together as a group and as brothers, use foul language, and Christian values. We can benefit from reading this book because we know that with all of this, we can learn how difficult the war is and the emotions that happen. After all, “ All is fair in love and war…”