Fairy tales re-telling

The Monkeys and the Cap Maker> and Section # of 1757 A. D. Once upon a time in mid 16th century there was a man named “ James”. He was known in his valley as the best cap maker ever. He always dreamt big and wanted to make a name for himself in the only handicraft he knew and was master at. He knew if he had to succeed he had to travel to the foreign lands to show his skills and talents to the world. One morning he decided he had enough variety of caps to show the world, sell them and make more with the money earned. He packed almost a 100 caps, picked up food supplies for the journey and took all the money he had saved from his previous sales and started the journey into the sun. He knew for the stories of other travelers that the west had the best markets for doing trade, hence he decided to head west.
On his way he found a big tree which had a rocking bed fixed under it, a board said: “ sleep at your own risk”. James couldn’t figure out a reason why a bed would be provided for not sleeping. As he was travelling for quite a few hours he relaxed, tied his bag with his legs and slept. The moment he woke up, he knew something was wrong, he checked for his wallet which was present. The moment he realized what had happened, his heart skipped a beat. His bag was opened and no sign of any cap. He looked here and there and suddenly he realized the importance of that sign board. He saw families and families of monkeys in the trees wearing his specially hand crafted caps. His whole life suddenly flashed before his eyes as without the caps he was ruined, both financially and mentally. After a while he observed that his every movement and gesture is being copied by the monkeys. He suddenly had an idea and tried his luck with it. He clapped, the monkeys capped. He shook his head, the monkeys did too; he put a piece of cloth on his head, all monkeys followed suit by wearing their caps. He then threw the cloth on the ground with an instant jerk, seeing all that the monkeys did that too. Hence he got all the caps on the ground, collected them and went west-wards where he started his quest for a better and successful future.
2012 A. D.
All these years “ James and Co.” went out to be the world’s best cap making company smashing all sales record every years. The business ran in the family and so did the story about the great James and his encounter with the monkeys. The legacy was told to every new child in the family. Jacob was one similar child who was brought up on the legendary stories of his great grandfather. Before he took over the company as the new head he wanted to make the same journey James travelled from the very jungle he out-foxed the monkeys. He set out for the travel with his best and latest designs to show case in a clothes exhibition in the same town which had now converted into the business capital of the word. Jacob could have easily used the company helicopter but he decided to follow the footsteps of his legendary icon. Once he reached the rocking bed, he tweeted “ sleeping in the same bed my granddad slept, hope to see some monkey action #adventure”. When he woke up, he saw his caps gone; raising his head he saw the shoals of monkeys playing with the caps. He was ready for action, as he had saved a spare cap in his pocket. He did some initial movements which were followed by the monkeys, the moment he threw his cap on the ground, the largest monkey came on the ground, wore the cap and said to Jacob “ O poor man, it’s not only you that has grand fathers telling stories of their encounters, we have similar traditions ha ha ha” and he ran up the tree, leaving Jacob thinking how to tweet this incident and save face with his peers and family alike.