Extracurricular activities of kickboxing

The paper ” Extracurricular Activities of Kickboxing” is an excellent example of an essay on English. One extracurricular activity that I am extremely proud of is kickboxing. I only took up this sport very recently, and I am glad that I did because it has helped me in multiple areas of my life. I was initially unsure as to whether or not kickboxing would be beneficial to me, but I have come to realize that it offers more than just physical benefits because I have grown emotionally and socially as well. The trait that I like most about kickboxing is that it has given me the confidence to feel good in my own skin. Learning how to defend myself has been a great way to develop a positive outlook on life. I have noticed that this has carried over into other facets of my life as well, including my schoolwork and my ability to make new friends. Having self-confidence is not really something that can be measured because it is different for each individual person. However, I can say that I am now a much more confident person that I was before taking up kickboxing. Also, another trait that I have gained is that of discipline. Kickboxing as a sport requires a lot of patience and learning how to wait for the right opportunity to strike. I can say that this has also affected my studies in that I am much more disciplined when it comes to homework. Overall, I would say that kickboxing has provided me with invaluable life skills that will help me greatly in the future.