Explain in your own words the difference between the three paradigms

Paradigms Affiliation: A number of paradigms influence nursing practices. In particular, human needs, interactive process, and unitary process paradigms inform diverse and dynamic nursing practices. Human needs constitute a critical factor in the nursing setting. Patients or clients in the nursing environment require effective and efficient care that enhances their overall quality of life. In this respect, social welfare, subject to the influence of health care, make it necessary for different stakeholders in the nursing setting to react to the demands of the population. These demands encompass care needs that subsequently constitute the human needs paradigm in nursing.
The interactive paradigm caters for relationships and interactions between different stakeholders in the nursing environment. In particular, this paradigm encompasses the interactions and relations between nurses and their patients or clients. On the same note, the paradigm integrates nursing systems into the interactive process. In other words, the interactive paradigm explores and explains how patients/clients relate with their nurses, as well as how these two parties fit into the larger nursing practice.
Finally, the unitary process paradigm seeks to account for the entire nursing environment by bringing every party involved in nursing practices into a common pool of change units. This paradigm unites practitioners, patients/clients, and the nursing setting in a way that goes beyond common interactions and relations. This paradigm fits my nursing philosophy because it acknowledges the role of change in nursing practices. In this respect, practitioners, patients/clients, and the nursing environment unite to make nursing practices more effective and efficient. In the process, the outcome exhibits improved performance that benefits the entire field of nursing.