Expect the unexpected admission essay examples

[Teacher’s Name]
[Date (January 1, 2013)]

Life is enigmatic and completely mysterious as no one can predict the exact future of an individual or the thoughts of the other person. We come across many volatile situations in life that occur only in wildest of our imaginations. In such unexpected state of affairs we bring out our hidden talent that becomes an adventure and thrills us to face such conditions. We get to know more about ourselves when we perform something unusual and different which we usually do not do in our routine life. When people speak nicely, we can never conclude if they are good or bad. Though, life is a choice and not a chance many of us live our lives in a way we would not have expected to live. Expecting from others can be disappointing sometimes because the authenticity of an expectation is very harsh and malicious.
As a teenager I did not want to grow up because of the additional responsibilities that I would need to bear. I have been a born fighter with a never give up attitude and I have played every outdoor and indoor sport, I am very confident that I can excel in everything. This confidence always instigated the ability in me to surprise people and display my skills. I perform better under pressure though I like to present myself as an underdog and bring the unexpected in them.
A few years ago I was a runner and I represented many athletic events from my school. I was considered the best athlete not long before I met with a knee injury that devastated my hopes to create a few more records. One day a new comer joined my school who was good in running. In no time he became the charm of the school and everyone talked about him. He took our school to new heights and recognition by his running abilities. I got curious to know about him as I was totally amazed to hear about his magical feat in the school, and sad as well for not being in a position to participate. When I saw him on the track I stood seeing him without blinking my eyes for a second. He was amputated and had prosthetic legs. No one expected that he would run, but he silenced everyone as he bent down on the track and ran like a swift when the bullet was fired and won all the running events. I realized that impossible is only in our minds and everything can be achieved by determination. I felt glad on his achievement.
This experience had a huge impact on my thoughts and my mentality started to expect the unexpected. College life poses lots of challenges in studies, extracurricular activities, and sports. Keeping an open mind and accepting the facts helps achieve success. I have learnt to be a team player and never isolate myself from any problems or issues, and I am a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.