Example of visual advertisement about car essay

Advertisement 1

The anticipated audience of the composited image is all the Americans in the months following the 9/11 events. In the ad, elitism and economic status are used as signifieds. In fact, the following is inherent in the signifiers: the words “ style,” “ comfort,” and “ luxury,” the model of the car, and its name brand/logo. The advertiser has used a bucolic green background like a signifier to implement the American pride and freedom signifieds. In addition, the advertiser has used the Iraq war and governmental authority signifieds within these signifiers: passenger soldier shouting, soldiers in the military fatigue, the words “ homeland security” and “ control”, and the raised gun. The advertiser has used an image of an energized man with the gun to promote the car.
Moreover, the vector- based in the advertisement is geared towards individuals aged 18 to 35 years in the present. The advertiser has used simple and bright colors, sex appeal, and trendy technology as signifieds; the signifiers are BMW logo, iPod- esque, the word “ adventure,” and woman’s silhouette. The advertiser desired to play off the popular with the mentioned items to further his car’s “ hip” image. In fact, this ad succeeds in fulfilling this as it calls into the mind the imagery, which the audience that is intended feels it attractive. We need this product in our day-to-day lives to travel and carry products. If we do not buy it, we will not perform our daily activities efficiently.

Advertisement 2

In first car advertisement, the advertiser intends to capture the attention of the young adults who are seeking romance and escape from “ real” world. The car seems to be driving into the photograph of a paradise scene that is complete with lovers and beach. The ad signifier is a photo, which signifiers a diverse world. Additionally, the couple in the ad is a signifier, which signifiers being desired and loved. The entire advertisement represents an escape into paradise concept, which entices the viewers from the audience intended to want the car to be capable to find their own paradise. Thus, in this as the car is a signifier for signified escape concept. By using color and filter choices to make beach scene look like a painting, the advertiser portrays it as a true paradise. What’s more, by using composition with two backgrounds that are contrasting, the advertiser stresses the differences that the advertised car can make in potential buyer /viewer’s life.
In the second car ad, the anticipated audience is bald eagle. The car is actually driving out of realms of earth and into the space. The road in this ad is a signifier, which signifiers the unlimited travel. Additionally, the earth is a signifier, which signifies boundaries and constraint. The entire advertisement represents a freedom concept as well as one’s ability to go wherever he or she wants. It entices the other bald eagles to need the car so as to be free and go beyond constraints and limitations, which they normally face. Consequently, the ad makes this car be a signifier for signified concepts of going beyond ones limits and freedom. We also need this product for transport and if we do not buy it, we will end up struggling.

Advertisement 3

The first ad (stealth) is designed for anybody wanting to smuggle or ship large items over the land without being seen or noticed. The advertiser uses a ghostly image of a bat, an animal, which moves silently. He associates this image with the vehicle. Moreover, this image guards the truck as it travels in front of a viewer with night vision goggles. The automobile in this case is undetected just like the bat. The text enhances another emphasis layer through adding the word “ stealth” that signifiers how this truck will travel anywhere without being observed. Thus, this advertisement entices the viewers to prefer this truck.
The second ad (cheetah) is designed for anyone who wants to speed the delivery at any cost. As you can observe, the advertiser has shown the truck on collision course with the cheetah. It is interesting to note that the advertiser has used a font that is similar to that of a stopwatch to emphasize that the truck is speeding; the blurred background emphasizes this more since it makes the truck look like it is on a motion. The truth that this truck seems to be about to ride over the animal (cheetah) stresses one of the major values of the audience that is targeted, essentially that with the truck one can do anything to get his or her cargo conveyed or delivered on time. The product is also important to us because we need it to transport other products.

Advertisement 4

The “ conquer wilderness” advertisement is intended to a young male demographic that are keen to prove themselves to this world. The advertiser chose images, which have the signifieds of power. These include the vastness that is signified by desert and the strength that is represented by the model shown in the ad. By using “ Conquer wilderness” slogan, the advertiser ties these signifieds together. Additionally, he implies that with Ford, one has strength to conquer whatever thing. Consequently, this convinces the audience that Ford is a strong car hence should buy the car for them to be successful.
The “ Be as powerful as you can be” advertisement is targeted for young businesswomen. The open road in the advertisement carries the signifieds of the future possibility and endeavors. In this ad, the advertiser shows that the woman has all the strength normally associated with the car because it defeats the road ahead. For the images that the advertiser has provided, he has transferred the woman’s dream and car power together and made them intertwined to a point that a car is fundamental if she desires to fulfill the dreams she has. The advertisement thus convinces the businesswomen to buy this type of car if they want to succeed.

Advertisement 5

The first ad is aimed at the Christians. The advertiser has used an image of a car that is driving on the water. This recalls a passage in the book of Matthew chapter 14 where Jesus walks on the water. The images in the advertisement work to reference the story not through their individual signifier or signified relations, but by the relation between these two signifiers/objects, that is the ocean and the automobile. Naturally’, every image carries a given connotative and denotative meanings for instance, the ocean as immense, peaceful, whereas the car is dour and conservative. The text obviously “ anchors” this ad in Christian belief code, by using the word, “ Savior” that signifies Jesus Christ and the biblical looking font. The advertiser uses first person pronoun, “ our,” which generates an illusion of the shared view between the advertisement reader and the creator, a specifically real method of appellation. The image together with the slogan work to make the metaphor that links the Sea of Galilee, the ocean, and the driver of the car that in simple terms is Jesus Christ. Thus, the advertiser hopes that readers will have an urge to be part of this connection of meaning.
The second ad is aimed at the gay couples seeking wealth and domestic bliss as indicated by a large house in the picture background and the expensive and conservative car in foreground. The connotation on men resting on top of one another and on top of this car shows that this car is supportive and a sturdy part of their relationship. The white and black coloring adds to conservative tone.


The above pairs of advertisements indicate that the intention or the aim of the advertisers is to convince the audience to buy the different types of cars presented. In doing so, they have used very appealing photos that at once catches the attention of the audience. Of the five pairs of advertisements, I prefer advertisements 1, 2, 3, and 4 most because they are direct to the point and very attractive.

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