Example of us military between the wars essay

US Military History

The period from 1919 to 1940 was an important period for the USA in terms of its military arms development. The nation embarked on strengthening its military arms and developing new ways of dealing with foreign attacks on home soil. One of the areas that saw big improvements was the aviation industry to cope with the military demands of the country. The American aviation industry started as early as 1903. However, it was during the period preceding the second world war that the industry saw massive improvements.

America was able to design an air attack plan within the twenty year period. The country’s military realized that the aviation industry could be tapped to be used a war machine. The aviation industry was mainly hounded by political factors. For example, politicians disagreed on an appropriate structure of the aviation wing in the military. More so, the original idea of using the air attacks was hinged on indirect and direct support of the air force and ground force objectives.

The direct support idea was hinged on the army’s belief that aviation would be an assisting combat arm that would be used in battlefields against enemies on the ground. It would also enhance campaign plans on the ground. This idea appreciated the need for a military air wing to attain air superiority. The idea of using aviation as a war tool was met with mixed reactions, which halted the success of air military.

However, the use of aviation in military activities went ahead at a slow pace, but the achievements were immense. War planes were constructed and an air force soldiers trained. Air military turned out to be a huge success because it boosted the army and the navy operations during the Second World War. The implementation process was slow and faced several hindrances, but turned out to be a success. This is because aviation and air attack became a significant arsenal in the military.

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