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In the American history, a lot has happened leading to both positive and negative outcomes. In most cases, the most memorable effects have been in the economic sector of the country. This has led to different activities in the history of America to become significant. Some of these effects have been discussed below.

The great southwest strike

This strike occurred in the year 1885. It involved railroad workers who were oppressed by their management. This strike occurred in two phases where in the first phase, the workers petitioned for a common ground for negotiations. The then administrator agreed to negotiate and the union called off the strike. The membership of this workers’ union grew and in Texas, a great number was recorded before the end of the year. After some time, a foreman was fired in Texas and this instigated the second phase of the strike. In this strike, the workers decided to ground all railroad transport activities but the administrators were not ready for this. Instead, the administrator called for military support and hell was unleashed to the striking union members. The administrators did not like to crush the union but as per this action, it appears that they had this plan in mind even before the first phase of the strike. This indicated the crushing of a labor organization which had decided to compete with the powerful, well organized and determined industrialists who were nationally recognized.

The Populist Party

This party was well known as the populist people’s party which emerged around 1890. This party had to prosper as most of the people in it were not out to make it better but only to kill it from within. This party rose to great popularity between 1892 and 1896 but did not do much later due to fraud, corruption and intimidation. These factors were mostly instigated by the democrats who were out to kill this party. A series of events took place in which the key leaders in people’s party were gradually absorbed by the democrats and in the end, the party appeared dead. The author even compares it to a man who is soulless. Democrats had to cope and absorb very many Populist Party ideas for it to fully absorb this party. In the end, this led to the formation of the peoples’ party platform where some of the ideas of the Populist Party are outlined.

The peoples’ party platform

This party was founded in 1896 and assembled in the national assembly all trying to reaffirm to the Americans the adherence to some principles set by their founder fathers. This party is mainly involved in economics and currency control and supply. The party traces the American history where it reveals that the country has not yet attained its full independence both economically and financially. As a result, several declarations in form of principles were set.
This topic tries to elaborate more on the origin of the contemporary currency used in the U. S which is universal within the country unlike in the former country where each state had its own form of currency. Another feature that is very evident in this topic has been the origin of the transport system owned and managed by the government, land ownership and use as well as the medical services.

Tulsa Race Riot Panel Recommends Reparations

In this topic, a lot of law application is seen since the topic deals with a case in which a small group of about ten carried out a massacre in a little village where more than a hundred people most of which black were killed. A commission of this panel proposed several steps which deem necessary to ease the pain. From a general perspective, these recommendations may call for implementation so as to ease the pain and reduce racial prejudice. If fully implemented, the survivors may be compensated and their offspring compensated as well.

A Marble Monument to Cruelty

This story is quite melancholic since it reveals of the cruelty that underlies racial discrimination in the United States. This tale explains of how a black woman died meters away from the hospital all because she was a black and the hospital was meant only for the whites. This tale confirms of the earlier postulated cruelty based on races in the United States. After several unsuccessful trials to contact the named hospital which is in south Mississippi, the narrator understands why the negro doctor didn’t even bother to seek admission of his wife in that hospital, a thing which could have saved her life.


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