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The findings below is an analysis of clients of the company both the corporate clients coded 1 and the individual or personal clients coded 2. The majority of the clients are individual as indicated in table 1.
Table 1: Company Clients.


The revenue collected however shows that the corporate clients give more revenue (79%) to the company than the personal clients (21%).

Figure 1: Revenue comparison
Majority of these clients come from Fife with the corporate clients averaging (12) and the personal clients (8) other areas like Lothian also constitute majority of the companies clients corporate ( 8) and personal (7) respectively. Berwick exhibits a balanced composition of corporate (2) and personal (2) likewise to Perth (2) and (2) respectively. Dundee area has more corporate clients than individual clients whereas Inverness area has more personal clients than corporate clients.
Other areas Edinburg and Falkirk have no corporate clients thus the company needs to improve the marketing strategies in these areas given the fact that the corporate clients provide more revenue to the company.

Figure 2: Client Area Analysis.

The revenue collected from all the clients in the different areas is shown in the figure 3 below. The figure indicates Fife as the leading revenue collector; this is due to the number of clients in the area. The area is the leading with majority of the personal and corporate clients. Other areas such as Edinburg and Falkirk were the least contributors due to the absence of corporate clients. The company should therefore increase corporate marketing in these areas to boost the revenue collection.

Figure 3: Total Revenue collection.

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