Example of serial killers have under-developed brains, says new study essay

According to the article Serial Killers Have Under-Developed Brains, Says New Study published in the International Business Times, serial killers might be having an underdeveloped brain. In the article, Timur Moon says that serial killers might be suffering from abnormalities of their brains and that this is what makes them to commit offenses. After neuro- imaging the brains of supposed serial killers has shown that their brain activity is different from that of normal people. There are diminished activities in some areas of the brain which are linked to self awareness and the processing of emotions and also sensitivity to violence.
The same can be said about pathological and less offenders, aggressive adolescents as well as perpetrators of domestic violence. In fact, these people who commit aggressive offenses are suffering from a disorder of their brains and therefore needs treatment. The reason is that these criminals could be having a shrunken ventromedial cortex. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for making decisions. It has been proven that people with this abnormality keep doing the same wrong things over again.
At the same time, adolescents who are aggressive have a shrunken amygdala; the area which is responsible for governing emotions as well as morality. According to the article, people who exhibit severe forms of conduct disorder must be having a disorder in the brain. They should not be judged or assumed to be evil. It happens that when one does not feel remorse or guilt for any wrong activity they engage in, they should be off to see a doctor. It is not their mistake that they commit offenses because it is their brains that are to blame.

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