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The ‘ fast five movie’ commonly known as the Fast and Furious 5 is an American action movie written by Chris Morgan and directed by Justin Lin. The following describes the plot of the movie; with the help of his sister and friends, Dom is rescued from the hands of the authorities. The team is the pursued hotly by Hobbs, who follows them to Rio de Janeiro in South America. Hobbs is caught in between two gangs fighting each other i. e. Dam’s team and Reyes’ team. Although the movie has a lot of action and heavy compact, it presents clear real life situations faced by gangs in their internal organizations, and the security agents in the USA.
When “ Dom” Toretto is being transported to the Lompoc Prison by bus, his friend Brian and his sister Mia Toretto assault the bus making it crash and free Dom. Such a plan is a common approach gangs use to safe their member from the security agents. As expected, the rescue leads to a hot pursuit by the security agents who are determined to get back Dom to prison. As the authorities searched for the trio, the trio plans to escape to Rio. While waiting for Dom to arrive, Brian and Mia alongside Vince and other participants plan to steal three cars from the train. This is what follows after many criminal activities involving gangs. The participants seek means of transport to escape as fast as possible. Most of the times, the criminals or gangs steal vehicles from the regions and use them to escape. A coincidence occurs in the process of stealing the cars from the train, the gang realizes that agents from the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration were in the train. Two discoveries are made. One the cars were a seized property and that is why there were agents accompanying them. Secondly, Zizi was interested in stealing one car, a Ford GT40. Don wants to know why the car was of such interest to Zizi.
The two discoveries makes the situation very interesting a common phenomenon in real life where conflict of interest supersedes group organization as well as unprecedented occurrence in the line of executing plans. Don makes Mia steal the car herself, and they fought Zizi, who had killed the DEA agents. As Dom, Brian, and Mia examines the car to find its importance, Vince arrives and is caught attempting to remove a chip that was to be sold to Reyes. The chip contained Reyes’ criminal record. The killing of the DEA agents makes the DSS agent Luke Hobbs follows them in Rio to arrest Brian and Dom. With the Help of Elena Neves, a local officer, Dom’s Safe house is identified but Hobbs finds it under assault by Reyes’ men. Mia and Dom escape and Dom suggest that they split. At this point, Mia announces that she is pregnant with Brian’s child necessitating sticking together. Hobbs finally finds and arrests Mia, Dom, Vince, and Brian.
One would think that Hobbs made uninterruptible progress only for him to be countered by Reyes’ men. As Hobs transport them to the airport for extradition, the convoy is attacked by Reyes’ men. As Dom and his team fight back the Reyes; men, they save Hobbs and Elena. Vince is shot and killed in the process making Hobbs and Elena joining in the revenge for Vince’s death. The team breaks into a prison where Reyes’ money is. In hot pursuit by the police, Dom lets Brian proceed without him as he remains behind attacking the police. Brian returns to the scene and kills Zizi. Reyes is injured by Dom’s assault before Hobbs arrives on the scene and kills Reyes. Hobbs gives Dom and Brian 24 hours to flee. The Gang divides the money among themselves giving Vince’s share to his family. In such situations, the security agents end up becoming friends with the gang members and both exchange favors.
One would expect after four movies of the street racers who turned in criminal would be wise to change the plot. It thus necessitated the movement of the film to the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It offered the director Justin Lin an opportunity to show the beautiful parts of the city. The actions in the movie increase coupled with a lot of street racing. The movie hence displays actual city beauty and criminal organization as well the behavioral trend that includes secrets, backbiting, and betrayal.
On the contrary, using any normal criteria of ranking movies, the fast and furious five is not a great movie. There are several scenes that tend not to cohere well with the whole seen. It takes far too long to watch. Certainly over two hours are too long for such a movie. The entrainment levels of the movie are far too low compared to the other installments. There is a little creativity, and innovation in the movie (Edward Douglas, 2011).
In conclusion, the fast five presents unique entertainment. The thrill and unprecedented encounters forms the best sections of the movie. The end is unexpected and leaves the viewer overwhelmed. It is a movie that describes actual gang behaviors.

Summary of the review

The fast five commonly referred to as ‘ the fast and furious five’ movie is the fifth installment of the fast and furious series of movies. The fifth installment begins with saving of Dom from the hands of security agents by his sister Mia in cooperation with her friend. Faced with a hot pursuit from the security agents, Dom’s gang has to escape from them. To do this, the gang requires vehicles and this is how the plan to rob cars from the train began from Mie and Brian. It is a common approach used by gangs when faced by crises involving transport. The idea is based on the fact that there is never enough time for criminal or gangs to use rightful methods of acquiring swift transport especially when documents are required.
During the stealing of the cars, two discoveries emerge twisting the initial plan of just obtaining cars from escape. One car seems more important than the others because it had Reyes’ criminal records that Reyes wanted badly. It led conflict between Dom’s Gang and Zizi. The stealing did not, however, go unchallenged since the cars were seized property and were accompanied by security agents. Such coincidence is very common in the real life cases making the movie practically real.
After the escape, the hot pursuit of Hobbs in Rio de Janeiro gives no resting to the Dom’s gang. Lead by local security officer Elena Neves Dom is found by Hobbs, but under heavy assault from the Reyes’ men seeking the Chip containing his criminal records. Dom’s gang escapes. Dom suggests they separate to reduce the risk of arrest but due to Mie’s pregnancy from Brian keeps them together. Later Dom’s gang is arrested by Hobbs who decides to extradite them back to America.
However, the movie is long. The creativity level and innovations are low. It is nevertheless an entertaining movie.

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