Example of research proposal on gun control

If guns are not controlled in our communities, some societies can become extinct due to the killings. Social crimes would be on the rise since the perpetrators are armed. The teams to help in the disarmament of the people are the community leaders since; they know their members very well. However, they cannot work alone as some might not possess the skills and expertise required in the exercise. Some of the community members can turn out to be hostile if they happened to be approached wrongly (Valdez, A., 2003). Our experts in criminal activities come in to help in the exercise of flushing out the guns from the societies. The communities must first be alerted and asked to surrender the fire arms before the exercise initiates. The experts come in to use force when necessary when the owners decline handing them over to the responsible authority. The links we have also developed with some of the community members will aid us in accessing the important information about the gun ownership in the different regions.
In the recent years, people have been able to gain control of guns either by being licensed by the authority or by illegally acquiring the. Before is granted the license of owning a gun, there must be an agreement that the gun should be used only for personal serious defense where no other option is available. Corruption in the government has led to many individuals owning guns upon being bribed to issue the license. Due to open trade practices, guns can be acquired by merely purchasing them irrespective of the intended purposes (Valdez, A., 2003). However, many are the times that the guns are used for the wrong purpose. Some people use them when conducting raids and robberies to kill anyone who come their way. Others might also use them to eradicate anyone who crosses their lines to revenge on them. Most people are known to use the guns for all the wrong reasons. By controlling the guns, security would be improved, and this will attract more investors into the country who contribute to the economic growth of the country.
This proposal will work for the best of all the people without discrimination. We have realized that one of the main reasons behind the increasing insecurity is the use of the guns by unauthorized persons. The best solutions available are first establishing a good relationship with the community members. Disarming them is the best solution as it will control the gun ownership in the areas. It is important to emphasize on obedience on the law. The community must be empowered for other alternative measures to earn a living apart from larceny form the neighbors.
The community members must be empowered to embark on farming methods that would help them put food on their tables. Irrigation schemes are to be introduced to ensure that enough water is enough for the irrigation purposes. The farming equipment should be provided and training offered to them by the professions (Valdez, A., 2003). Through the empowerment process, the gun owners would be willing to give up their guns since they would be having an alternative method of obtaining food which is the driving force in acquiring of guns by many individuals. By providing a way out for them in terms of surviving we would be in a better position to win their loyalty, and thus would trust us when we request for the guns.
This proposal would blend well with the community as it would be for the well-being. Before supporting the proposal it is healthy for everyone to weigh the advantages over the disadvantages of gun control. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The gun control exercise would entail several processes before getting to the grassroots of the community. The team has already selected the community members who would direct the team members to the homes of the gun owners. After identifying the homes then next step would be meeting with the specific people. They are then asked to surrender their guns. However, the security team should be on the stand to prevent the people from fleeing the area. Our main aim has been gun control in the country hence specializing in this area has equipped us with the necessary skills to conduct the course. Most of the pastoralist communities are the most affected with the ownership of guns.
People must learn to respect the human rights. It is against the law to acquire a gun illegally. Man is to error and when one is angered by someone, he can go to the extent of eliminating the person. Law should take proper actions against the illegal ownership of the guns, and must ensure that licensing of guns is done on sane persons (Valdez, A., 2003). People tend to live in fear in places where there are a lot of people own guns needing an urgent measure to curb the vice. Guns should be allowed to the men in uniform and not the citizens. Gun control in the nations contributes to the stability of the nation through improved security. With security being beefed up, the country experiences economic growth that helps in the improvement in people’s living standards.


Valdez, A. (2003). Gun control. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers.