Example of report on the iso-9000 quality system standard

The ISO 9000 Quality System Standard is described as standards and quality assurance measures and thresholds that have been set to be used as benchmark worldwide. The benchmark is utilized to aid in the determination of quality management and assurance. This essay seeks to discuss and summarize some of the basics of ISO 9004 2000 pp v – 45. At the end of the essay, the reader should be able to have an overview of what is contained in the ISO document. The document at hand represents a revised edition of the previous ISO 9004-1: 1994. It has been modified so as ensure it reflects a better understanding of quality management systems.
The document delves into the analysis of understanding the relationship that exists between the ISO 9001 and ISO 9004: 2000. It describes the design that the two quality standard documents and how they complement one another. The structure is definite and covers various scopes. It tends to put emphasis on the effectiveness of the quality by the management system in ensuring that the requirements of the customer (ISO, B. 2000. 9004, 2000). The ISO 9004 tends to provide guidance that covers a wide area of specialization in terms of objectives. It provides for coverage of a wider range of activities and objectives. Its major focus revolves around the continued improvement of performance and efficiency for diverse organizations (Hoyle, 2008).
The new ISO 9004 document provides guidelines and yardsticks that can be used to guarantee that any organization whose top management may want to grow from the ISO: 9001 to ISO: 9004 can employ (ISO, B. 2000. 9004, 2000). A major emphasis is placed on the lack of use in purposes of contracts and certification. The fact that the new document is a review of the previous ones means that it is compatible with the numerous existing ones.
For this reason, a keen eye has been placed on the issue of compatibility. In essence, it provides a skeleton that aids in the alignment of quality management systems. The existing management systems do not have to change entirely, but rather can simply reorganize and realign systems in line with the new specifications. A key area worth mentioning is that the new ISO standard document provides guidelines necessary for the improvement of performance in an organization.
Provided in detail are the specifications for the new systems that can be used as the current guidelines. Documentation is an integral part of ISO 9004: 2000, meaning that the management of an organization should have a clear definition of its documentation. Relevant records have to be established to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of an organization’s operation. The new document delves into definition and guidelines of the work environment and partnerships within a given organization. Natural resources and those of a financial nature have been defined and provision of alignment stipulated. The most important aspect is the product for which the consumer is being made for.
The final aspect that is analyzed in ISO 9004: 2000 documents is the quality system that is associated with customer-related processes. A mention is given to general guidelines and design and development of the product also given a mention.
Conclusively, one can assert that the document contains various guidelines and recommendations for quality assurance and management. It, however, does not have a provision that allows for regulatory and certification uses or as a guide for the implementation of the ISO 9001.


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