Example of public administration theory essay

I do agree with Robertson’s assertions that the chief executive officer should ensure that a proper relationship exists between the participants and stakeholders. Indeed, as he asserts, the chief executive officer needs to ensure that there is a partnership and coordination between the stakeholders. I strongly agree with the assertions by Robertson for the very reason that the success of the organization depends on the cohesive and collective approach adopted by the entire organization as a whole. Ordinarily, the organization is expected to be split into several departments and sections. The onus thus falls on the head, in this case the chief executive office, to ensure that the individual and separate departments work in harmony and towards the achievement of an ultimate goal.
The assertion by Robertson can be explained in the fact that any organization can only efficiently and effectively work with a coordinated approach that is bottom to top. There needs to be coordination and flow from the top to the bottom. In that context, it is essential to get the employees to understand their duties and more importantly understand one another. The role of the chief executive officer is to provide for avenues of interaction and develop structures that would be applied in the solution of any conflicts occurring during the course of the interactions. As Robertson suggests, the organization must have a good chief executive officer with the abilities to harness the potentials of different members of the workforce. He needs to be able to allocate sufficient authority relative to the duties that the employee is charged with. The overall successful operations of the organization would depend on the manner in which the chief executive officer performs the managerial roles.


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