Example of personal statement on statement of purpose

Charitha Jason

Education is one the most important thing in the life of a person. Getting to study what one likes and to perceive it is a blessing because not many can study what they want. And here I am from Saudi Arabia, who is currently majoring in Finance and would like to pursue my ambition in studying Finance in your most prestigious university. Global economy apart, micro and macro economy are the backbone of the development of the country. Unless the grass root level is strengthened the power and strength of global economy cannot be strengthened. In any industry whether it is smallest or largest it thrives on the wheels of finance. If the finance is not sound or not managed properly or if the income is not categorized correctly, whatever big the industry maybe, will come to a grinding halt.

Career Goals

Pursuing Finance would help me know the pros and cons which initiate the running of the global economy. To reach the set economic goals in comparison between the countries and within the country between the provinces. I would like to learn everything there is to learn about it in order to be prepared for the global economy to face it’s challenges and opportunities. To find out the smaller and weaker sectors and their defects and bringing them on par to excel. To find out the loop holes in the substandard financial organizations and rectify them and discourage the bogus organization, because they will eat away the economic growth.


I have done well in my class tests and interested in my course. I have completed assessments and projects on time and secured good grades. My academic activities and co-curricular activities have improved my leadership skills and interpersonal skills. Getting good grades encourages me to learn more and gives me confidence that I can do still do better. It gives me happiness to involve myself in the subjects I learn.


In times of crisis this knowledge will help me find where, what and how it went wrong, and also it gives me skill to rectify the problem and bring it back to the tracks. It also gives me to plan future modifications of the present deficiencies. It also enables me to transform the weak and neglected projects into powerful and progressive business deeds. It will also help me to market the financial aspects of the industry. Whatever knowledge I gain I would like to share with fellow students and juniors. I would like to take active part in the seminars and group meetings.
I can fulfill my set goals to the desired effect. Under the eminent teachings of the college I would like to mold myself to the expectations of my professors, peers and the achievements of the global economy. Since it is a world class university I would like to imbibe by the high standards, morale and discipline of the institute. Understanding of the university mechanism and reflect it in my life. And I would like to be as special as UCLA is. I would like to give back to the world the ethics, standards, quality and efficiency that I would be receiving from UCLA. It is my sole ambition to study in your campus and polish my knowledge and wisdom under the dedicated. Studying at UCLA would give me a wonderful opportunity to put in use all the knowledge and experience at my hometown. I strongly hope my dream would come true.