Example of personal statement on primary education

Confidence, good sense of humor, sincerity and good communication skills have always been the strong sides of my personality and have continuously helped me to get along well with people of all ages. However, working with children has always been of a special interest to me. The idea of playing an active role in helping them learn, develop, discover new things about the world and gain some valuable insight into their perceptions and the way they see the world has always greatly appealed to me. Therefore, I have decided to apply to the Primary Education degree at the University of Greenwich, as I seriously consider it to be the best place for me to extend my knowledge of children and their development and become a highly trained professional in this area.
I have already had an extensive job experience that involved contact with the public. As I was studying Health and Social care at the secondary school, my workplace was working as a nurse. Thus, I worked as a nurse from April 2009 to May 2009. Although this studying practice only lasted a month, it by no means undermines the value of the experience I got from assisting and taking care of the patients, soothing their both physical and mental pain and providing needed support and guidance for their family members. I also had to deal with little kids, and although it could be quite challenging sometimes, I enjoyed the capability of making some positive changes for them and interact with them on their level. Working as a travel agent from June 2012 to October 2012 was a satisfying experience as well. Working in travel agency involves catering to people’s desires to relax and have a rest, and I had to offer our clients the best choice, which would combine reasonable pricing, quality of service and meet their expectations. This helped me to understand people’s needs better. Also, surfing through all the opportunities in the different countries to which we offered our clients the tours taught me a lot of new things about travelling, foreign cultures, geography and climate. Therefore, since I am eager to aid children in exploring the world, I could apply my obtained knowledge in their favor, and since being a teacher is an international job, I could eventually spread my teaching experience to some other countries, including both developed and developing ones. Although it was a seasonal job, I was very determined to make the best out of it and develop my interpersonal skills, as well as enrich my knowledge in the spheres of social care, communication, foreign cultures and mentality.
Finally, working as a full-time pharmacy assistant from April 2013 till present time has equipped me with some strong theoretical knowledge in the field of medicine, which is of course important when working with children. It is necessary to mention that I have been always interested in expanding my knowledge in studying health and social medicine, and I think that Primary Education degree will enable me to improve my qualification in these fields, as well. I have many interests outside my current studying at London South Bank University (University Foundation programme). I usually spend my leisure time going to gym, as I believe that the sound body is the greatest place for the sound mind; going out and socializing with friends, watching real life TV shows and reading psychological literature and fictions books in order to get a better understanding on human psychology, behavioral patterns and life styles.
The prospect of studying primary education at a higher level is greatly exciting to me, therefore, my plans are to study and to gain lots of experience in the Primary Education field, until I am in a position where I am best equipped for to making positive changes for children, parents and professionals alike in this sector. I feel that my determination to do this, my knowledge, and passion will enable me to achieve this goal.