Example of ms project and team leadership report

Memorandum for Department of Employee compensation and benefits packaging Team

As a committed team leader of the Department of employee compensation and benefits package, I would like to bring to your attention a number of issues that require immediate action. The consideration and recommendations outlined in this memo are to the best interest of all stakeholders, employees, clients and the general public. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the project is off track by six weeks due to a number of factors. This considerably affects the operational effectiveness of the team and the success of the overall goal of employees. As you know, the pace of project execution has slugged and cannot be compared with the pace at the conception period. This has led to a considerable delay which cannot be easily recovered. Secondly, the resources that aid in the execution of the project has been depleted and as a result, the project risk grinding to a halt. The slower pace of operation has contributed to the depletion of resources as more resources are consumed with non-commensurate amount of work.
Team motivation or lack of it is one factor that has contributed largely to the current state of events. Team members are increasingly becoming withdrawn from the project leading lack of cooperation and general slug.
In order to revamp the project back to its expected levels, strategic practices must be employed. Among them include sourcing of more funds to support the project. I am consulting with the management to allocate more funds to the project to ensure continuity till fruition. As I sought more funds, it should be noted that such moves comes with responsibilities. Currently, the project is termed as unfulfilling due to inability to meet deadlines from the team members. I am would like to inform you that once the funds are availed, the project will commence and continue with double the speed. This means that you will be subjected to more working hours than normal. I therefore urge you to support me fully in terms of cooperation and utmost engagement to ensure that the goals are met for the success of all of us.

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Thank in advance
Employee Compensation and Benefits Packages Program Manager
In order to build an effective team capable of delivering according to the set goals, effective leadership is required. The management team should be well versed with effective management skills to steer employees towards high productivity and success. Managing starts with the process of outlining the goal or motive upon working for. Management team should clearly craft the goals of the organization and lay down strategies towards achieving them. This involves clearly communicating the business objective to the team members. By defining team work every team member will have a clear picture in mind of what is supposed to be done and hence act accordingly.
According to Piscopo (2013) a member who is underperforming might be having different picture in mind of what comprises team work. This variation might be what is pulling the team back and prolonging deviations. It is important that the team members have the same clear view of what is supposed to be done. The lug is attributed to lack of integration between the various factions in the project. Acquisition of the software is delaying due to poor liaison between the IT procurement departments and project team members.
Further, the management team should posses’ good analytical and evaluation skills that will help point out relevant skills for a certain task. This is followed by task allocation and delegation to right individuals in the group. Every individual in the group should contribute to the attainment of the stated goals through thorough execution of the task allocated.


Performance is what the team members are doing to ensure that the project deliverables are achieved. It is clear that one or more actions are not executed correctly to result in the following objectives.
– Fully rolled out compensation and benefits packages for all company employees that maintains overall budgetary goals for these company expenses
– Enhanced work environment aspects in place as provided by the total rewards philosophy
– Software to implement aspects of the package related to employee performance and employee training for use of such software
Therefore, if the IT department is slow in procuring the software, pressure could be mounted to hasten the process. Likewise, if employee training has not commenced, consideration should be factored in to roll out the process as soon as possible. Other qualities that management team should posses in respect to managing the team to meet project objectives include good listening and communication skills. Employees feel valued and appreciated if they know their concerns and suggestion will be considered. Listening managers understands employees better and are able to point out if there is conflicts or disagreements between coworker or with the management.


In order to get the project back to its anticipated state, certain factors need to be executed. Among them include;
Employee motivation is an aspect of rewarding employees for their hard work and cooperation. When planning a major plan of action for revamping employee compensation and benefits package, for instance, the manager asks team for opinions and strategies of achieving the same. This increases team creativity and motivation as members take it upon themselves to find solutions. As a unity is fostered as cooperation and productivity is doubled.
Once the targets or the objectives have been achieved, the manager may further reward them by offering monetary incentives. This may include salary increase, allowances, and discounts among other. Other innovative activities that managers might come up with include job promotions. Hardworking team members who satisfy promotion requirements may be appointed to be the head of the team. Other team members will be challenged to put more effort in the team in order to get the same privileges.
Other motivational acts accorded to well performing employees include appreciation, recommendation and appraisals. The underperforming employee may be appraised if they start working hard and get to meet the deadlines. Employees fell valued when they are commented for their efforts and strive to achieve more. The managers should cultivate a habit of appreciating performing employees no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Appreciation puts the employees on the heart of the company and realizes that they are part of it instead of the mere act of working for it (Yates, 2011).
The other impediment to performance in a team is inability. Team member underperform because of lack of skills to execute their operations efficiently. Therefore in order to move forward with the project effectively, it is important that qualified personnel are accorded duties according to their skills. In that regard, the management team should posses’ good analytical and evaluation skills that will help point out relevant skills for a certain task. This is followed by task allocation and delegation to right individuals in the group. Every individual in the group should contribute to the attainment of the stated goals through thorough execution of the task allocated. The compensation and benefits package review manager should allocate duties to employees according to the working conditions and experience. New team members will be allocated duties apart from product critical processes which require experience.
The project staff needs to be reviewed to ensure that they are competent enough for each and every step. Qualified technical staff will be required to determine the appropriate software for the implementation of the new packages. The same applies to procurement, purchasing and delivery personnel. The team manager should provide good explanation as to the delay of the project to get management buy in. Support from the management is crucial for the success of the project. The communication and training team should also be competent enough to conduct the exercise effectively and efficiently to guarantee usability of the package.
Fig. 1 Work breakdown plan
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