Example of marketing opportunity essay

The marketing department is the most disposable office in the workspace. Because of this reason, marketing positions can now be outsourced. Thus, hiring overseas marketers (especially online ones) have become very popular. However, looking through the available jobs in the marketing sphere, there are actually quite a few vacancies. From officers to senior marketers, the digital shift has created a need for businesses to get online and start an internet marketing campaign (Curtis, 2013).

Marketing Specialist

This position is for a company called Pro-West & Associates (PWA). They are looking for a leader who can provide marketing campaigns, develop marketing plans, promote their services, etc. The specify that they need someone with at least 1 – 3 years experience in the marketing field. This means that the position is not open for fresh graduates who are looking for a job. They are very specific about the responsibilities involved in the job and they want someone who has a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Instead of describing things in detail, everything is jotted down in bullet-form lists. It lacks drive, passion and creativity (Special Advertising Problems). Someone who wants a friendly office environment might get the wrong idea with an advertisement like this. Unlike the other job advertisements, this particular one lacks color and personality. It is very straight-forward and kind of boring. For someone who is looking for a creative marketing position, this might not be the job for them.

Sales & Marketing Rep

This position is for Momentum Media. They are looking for a sales and marketing rep “ with a sense of humor”. This entry level position seems promising because it is in a creative working environment. The word “ media” in the business name implies that it is a creative job, too. It is a small company with about 15+ employees, so if you are looking for a close relationship with your co-workers, this might be the job. The responsibilities, requirements and job description are also done in bullet-point form. However, this particular job is more colorful and lively. This might be because they made use of the stock-image pictures that the job search website offers, instead of a plain and boring template. This particular job also outlines the benefits that an employee can receive, which might make the opening more desirable. They have a link to their website at the bottom of the page which makes it a bit more interesting. What really caught my attention was the line at the bottom that says “ Ideal candidates have an uncommon combination of attributes”, which is nice because they appreciate uniqueness.

Marketing Manager – Digital Marketer

This position is for Firstmark Credit Union. Right away, you get a sense of professionalism from their job post. There is a solid, blue background with blue headers and a blue navigation bar. You see that this company is well established, and it might be a larger and more corporate office. As compared to the other positions which were advertised, this particular job gives the feeling of seriousness. Although, the job being advertised is for a creative one, one can’t help but feel that this is a stiff sort of working environment. The font is very small and subtle. It is quite hard to read, and it doesn’t seem very interesting. However, all the important aspects of the job are outlined. Everything a potential candidate will need to know about the job is there on the ad page. This job is for the financial industry, so no matter how creative the position is, if the individual applying wants more “ creative freedom” he or she might as well look in a media company or in an advertising agency.

Online Marketing Manager

This position is for Publishers Clearing House. The job itself seems interesting, however the layout of the advertisement does not seem very enticing for the job seeker. There is not a lot of information on the company itself, and it sounds like a smaller business. However, the job descriptions and the required skills are all outline on the page. As compared to the other job advertisements, this one seemed particularly plain. It is a shame since the company seems like it would be a creative one, being a publisher’s house. The online marketing manager position is for those who have had 5 + years in the marketing field. That means that this position is for those with solid background in marketing. Nothing in the page makes it seem like an interesting job, though.
Out of all the jobs advertised in the first page of the search results, none were B2B marketing, most of them were focused on online marketing positions. This shows that the industry for online marketing is growing (Curtis, 2013). People with the knowledge for things like search engine optimization, email marketing campaigns and social network promotions are the ones who will most likely land a job. It is strange, however, that the jobs posted are looking for employees with years of experience, since social media, online marketing and all these things are pretty recent. In this digital age, the term “ marketing” has really changed.


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