Example of letter to an activist organization working for human rights in saudi arab and middle east essay

Dear Mr. Alkhateeb

I am hoping that you are in perfect health.
The company strongly believes that vehicles have a collective design to facilitate driving by humans, and women qualify as Homo sapiens so no regulatory body can ban them from doing that under any kind of religious explanation (Afary, 107). The participation of women in the economy as personalized drivers would solve many issues because the males will not have to specially focus on a trivial task that housewives can perform readily. However, the culture of Arab does not like the women who dynamically take part in the visible affairs of the society, but that mindset overburden the male population, and therefore, they cannot focus on important tasks those need their utmost and undivided attention, and the government has wrongly passed a new law that forbids the ladies from driving, but the world is modernizing, and the Saudi culture is deliberately working in order to lag behind in this regard. The human development is a right that each society in the world provides to every human being irrespective of gender, race and theological affiliation. The provision of permission to drive both privately and commercially to women in Arab would bring down the unemployment rate in the country, and therefore, the community would see a certain rise in per capita income that would better the standard of living as well.

Lujain AlArifi

Lujain Khalid AlArifi
Vice President of Public Relations
Abdullateef Jameel Co.
Phone: +966505718767

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