Example of health and the consumer report

Health and the Consumer

Elite Care is an organization fueled or driven by offering both the best patient care services and the best working conditions for the staff members. First with the name, as a manager one tends to feel that the name Elite Care explains the mission statement of the hospital. The name Elite seems to stand out from the rest of the health care organization. This is because it genuinely reflects on what the organization is going to offer. This is quality services to the patient with no discrimination to the best environment for the members of the staff to work under. The mission statement of Elite Care is to offer top-notch service at an affordable rate to everyone in order to prevent and save as much life as possible. As a top-notch organization, the first thing one is going to look at as a manager in order to get the best services is the working conditions of the staff (Dranove, 2002, p. 139).
Research shows that an organization especially in the field of medicine ill succeeds if the staff members are comfortable in their working conditions. This means that doctors and nurses who are going to work in the organization are going to get the best environment possible. This will then be translated to the patients. Better patient doctor relationship will be formulated hence achieving an integral part of the company’s mission. The organization is focused at serving the middle class population. However, this does not mean that the hospital is only in charge of serving the population. The hospital has packages aimed at ensuring that everybody who walks in the hospital is served with due diligence according to what choice one makes. The policy of the hospital demands that every patient be treated as disregarding fairly and equally what social background one comes from (Saltman, 2009, p. 61).
Apart from the usual services of treating patients, the hospital offers a variety of unique services such as chemotherapy for cancer patients, guidance for patients with HIV aids or patients with a problem of drug addiction. This is the reason why the organization prides its self-being the best in the region. The reason why the hospital is targeting a certain population of middle class citizens within the region is that, as a manager, I believe that the middle class citizens have a verity of needs that are not being accomplished. For instance, research within the region shows that hospitals around the region are either to expensive that the middle class cannot afford their services, or are in the other side too shabby that they do not provide the completely comprehensive package (Woods, 2000, p. 792).
What the organization is aiming at doing is solving the problem by offering high quality services to patients. The hospital also looks to avoid making the patients feel as if they are being exploited. This will be achieved by offering a verity of payment packages that a patient can choose. This means that the patient unlike other hospitals in the region has the power to choose what service they will get. The vision statement of the company is that the organization is aimed at being the best place in the whole nation. This includes making staff members feel free to work while patients receive the best quality service affordable. This vision statement mostly summarizes what the organization aims to achieve in the future. It is because of this vision statement that the company asperses for a better future and foresees success in the future (Saltman, 2009, p. 67).
My aim as the manager of the organization is to take the organization to the top of its profession in terms of services offered. This is achievable through giving both patients and staff the best environment possible. Personally, I want to see the company achieve the highest top honor in the field of quality healthcare services. I also want to see the company become the first priority for patients from all therapy. In my management, I seek to make the organization a haven for all customers to get better whilst realizing optimum staff satisfaction. Within the vision statement of the company, it is evidence that the company does address customer services, which in short is to provide the best service to all customers. This has also been addressed in the mission statement of the organization. The organization was created for one purpose, and one purpose alone, to offer the best healthcare services to the people in need (Dranove, 2002, p. 142).
This means that the hospital aims at changing hands saving lives of people from every region disregarding its main target population. In terms of commitment, the organization is fully committed in seeing that every patient who walks in the organization receives the best services that can be afforded to him. In terms of value and quality, the hospital is fully committed to seeing that the patient receives the highest quality service while looking at the value of money paid (Woods, 2000, p. 794).


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