Example of essay on the immigration amnesty and reform policy

This reform is based some sections of the comprehensive immigration plans that are proposed as per the President Barack Obama. The legislation is yet to be approved. Amnesty that is being imposed by Obama regime as a measure to curb illegal immigration is projected that it will benefit 12-20 million aliens who are undocumented and are at present living in the United States of America. An amnesty basically s meant to forgive their illegal acts related to illegal immigration beside implicitly forgiving other related behaviors such a driving also working with falsified documents. The outcome that arises from amnesty is the fact that numerous foreigners that got their way into the United States are rewarded with the America’s legalized status, that is, the Green card for having broken the immigration laws.
Thu US currently granted amnesty to illegal immigrants in terms of millions using a varied range of amnesty as well as laws. Prior to the amnesty in the 1980’s, amnesty only awarded on a case using case basis but not too many individuals. The first of its sort which was imtroduced in the year 1986, gave the total of about 2. 8 million immigrants whom changes their status as per the Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA).
Under the proposed immigration reform combined with amnesty, there is inclusion such as secure borders. This stipulates that Obama and Biden wish to have the integrity of the US borders preserved. They are supporting additional personnel, infrastructure, as well as technology on the America’s borders and the various ports of entry. Second, it is hoped that the reform will see that improvement of the immigration system. This is through fixing the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy as well as increasing the number of the immigrants that are lawfully in the States so as they will keep various families together along with meeting the demands for jobs which the employers are not in a position to fill. Third, the plan will see the bringing of the masses out of the shadows as the Obama Government need that undocumented immigrants that are in the best of the standing to pay fines, be versed with English part from going back of the various lines for the opportunity presents in a bid to become citizens.

His Excellency the president was heard speaking:

“ My administration is not shipping back about 12million individuals, but rather is will go for it in a practical manner. The administration will not take the law enforcement that has been availed and then it will use it, put people on buses, do the ripping of the family’s part. AS per this, what I have proposed is ge by going into bringing the various folks out of the shadows, making them to start paying taxes, begin learning English thus will have started a pathway to citizenship over a course lasting about 10 years’’.
In my point of view Amnesty ought to be stopped by all measures. This not a good solution to the problem regarding illegal immigration. Tom Head, in his article by the name ‘ Why I Support Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants’ provides another good example to add into fallacy is the statement;
‘’Amnesty will solve the illegal immigration problem.’’  this statement in the article is fallacious in the sense that in reality, amnesty will never be a solution to the illegal immigration problem; amnesty will even exonerate the problem into becoming magnified. If amnesty can be granted, more and more illegitimate immigrants can find their way into the state in search of the benefit of seeking another amnesty. As at now, the tax payer pick up the bill of a myriad of individuals- billions and billions of more mouth to fend for, a notch higher amounts of hospital bills, bills at the delivery rooms, increased congestion at schools, higher rime rates than before combined with other socials upheavals. Despite the fact that illegals do not pay taxes they are also the chief cause of ID theft, the result of this is that it in turn costs even more billions to the tax payers. Nonetheless, the illegal immigrants at all never pay neither state nor federal taxes, these illegals only pay sales taxes. In real sense, based on their low procuring power, their payments in sales taxes will not even be enough to pay for the energy that one single traffic light consumes. Worse still, giving of amnesty to illegal immigrants is completely discriminating to all the decent as well as honest immigrants that have been waiting, at times for years, and had paid so as to obtain legal Visa as per the nations immigrant laws and regulations.
There are also negative effects of this kind of movement of people. Immigration has been linked to criminal activities, which not only endangers the lives of the American people but also dents the image of the American society as peace loving people. The huge entry of immigrants into the United States has also attributed to the creation of slums with poor living conditions due to overpopulation in the cities. It comes with a bulk of challenges and effects including disease outbreaks, which require intervention of the State Authorities, a phenomenon that negatively affects the economy when additional resources are injected into the ailing society. On the same note, overpopulation also leads to exhaustion of the state’s resources leading to poor services say in hospital and learning institutions. A recent report from the national research council has shown gothic findings. The findings are that immigrants have contributed to losses in terms of taxes paid versus social services provided although the conclusion of the report was that immigration could provide an overall gain to the domestic economy. It is a boost to the United States economy. It can however be seen that the income from the taxation of the immigrants is less. It Happens in comparison to the cost incurred in terms of availing some of the social amenities such as health services and schooling programs. The case of exhaustion of resources has also been attributed to asylum seekers or refugees who contribute very little nothing to the United States economy. Extinction of the indigenous American society is one challenge that has resulted from immigration (Peri et al. 2009). The culture, traditions and race of the American society has for a long time been diluted which is a negative predicament as much as social and historical preservations are concerned. In as much as the American community can be desirable due to its diversification and general acceptance by other regions of the world, it can conclusively be indicated that its originality and identity is gone.
Several solutions can be employed to solve the crisis of immigration. These includes enhancement of border security, pressuring the affected nations to legislate mitigation policies and ensuring sufficient security by deploying the National Guard. Concerning the deployment of the United States National Guard, this will lead to effective security surveillance, as the patrol team will consistently be monitoring the border. This will reduce the number of immigrants who are entering from the southern border illegally. Nations whose citizens are frequently culprits of illegal immigration should be subjected to punitive measures. This will ensure that they are pressured to legislate, which regulate the illegal act. In addition, ad should be added to them to boost their security system in order to patrol their borders.
Mass deportation and executive action can also work to reduce the illegal process of immigration. Mass deportation refers to transporting individuals who are illegally in a given country back to their native countries. This practical move can instantly reduce the rate of immigration. Nevertheless, human rights activists are opposed to this; furthermore, the logistics involved are a bit hectic.


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