Example of essay on the bombing of the us embassy and the killing of the us ambassador

United States of America has learned of a grave bombing of one of our diplomatic residences by terrorists. This attack has so, claimed the precious lives of the devoted US ambassador and four other members of staff. The US government condemns in the strongest terms possible any forms of terrorism on its citizens, property and the world in general. I also wish to send my message of condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this outrageous attack. This attack brings new questions in our minds about who attacked us, their intention and plans. We all know that USA citizens have always sacrificed their time and families and worked tirelessly to improve the state of this nation. Indeed, this is a tragic loss.

I want to assure all the citizens that US has no any single place for terrorism in her soils. We therefore, can’t sit back and watch our enemies claim the lives of innocent citizens through terror attacks. My government, local and international Intelligence Security Personnel, will spend sleepless nights to make sure that no stones are left unturned and the organizers of this terror attack are brought to justice. We also welcome support from our allies from all over the world with useful information that may help us fish out those terrorists from their hideouts. I have unleashed my drag net that, through the following strategies will surely bring the criminals to book.

The Director of National Intelligence, through homeland security, is going to intensify biometric screening technology to make sure that thorough screening of those wishing to enter the US. This technology will also be applied in all entry ports including sea ports, local and international airports. This technology requires anybody travelling to US to give prints of two fingers and a copy of the digital to the US security officials during the visa application or at the arrival to the US. This will help restrict and eventually stop terrorist from sneaking into our country of boarding, with explosives, American-based flights.

Secondly, all the traditional and foreign surveillance tools must also be beefed up and effectively used to track the terrorists’ communication records and operations hence unveiling their plans before their implementation. This involves the use of wiretaps, search warrants pen or trap orders and subpoenas. This also extends to the internet whereby emails and chats through social networks will also be monitored to make sure that nothing is left to chance. These strategies are well spelt out in the US Patriot Act passed by Congress in October, 2001 and should not sound unique or bring controversy (Larry J, 2009 pg 179).

In addition, the terrorist watch list has to be reviewed and updated to include more people who pose threats to the US. Persons who are suspected to or have links with terrorists should be added to the no-fly list.

Another strategy is to make sure that any piece of information extracted from any terrorist groups is treated with the seriousness that it deserves. It is very important to note that our intelligence services will work tirelessly to extract important information from the captured terrorist suspects. In this way, we will be able to acquire information about the masterminds of this attack and future planned terror attacks. Such persons are always linked to terrorist groups such as the Al Qaeda whose movements, hideouts, communication and operation lines. However, it is worth noting that the above detainees will not be tortured but treated according to the Trainee Treatment Act which provides the legal detainee treatment standards. Only those found guilty will face the consequences of their actions by serving various jail terms as per court sentences.

However, where diplomacy fails to bear fruit my government will be forced to exploit other options which include military actions. If the terror groups cannot reform in an amicable manner then we cannot continue with the diplomatic search at the price of the lives of innocent citizens. The US is capable of deploying several troops to quell the once and for all the terrorist threats. But this must be treated as the last option. We are issuing very stern warnings to persons behind these terror activities to heed our advice and keep off our territories. (Caldwell, 2011, pg 139-140)

These are the immediate actions that the US is going to put into practice with an immediate effect to help curb terrorism. I am also aware that these steps may draw different reactions from humanitarians and personalities. All opinions are welcome but we must all know that US anti racism and respects all religious faiths. We are therefore not working against a specific group of people. We are fighting any form of terrorism that may encroach into this land and its diplomatic spots all over the world. This is a nation that upholds law and has very good records of humanity and integrity.

All American citizens and community at large are charged with the responsibility of supporting our brothers and sisters who work hard day and night to ensure the security of this nation and her people. We all need to trust our security agencies and give them any information deem fit to help in curbing terrorism. Furthermore, war against terrorism must never be politicized. Our main agenda is to safeguard the sovereignty of our nation and prevent future loss and destruction tyranny and the darkest moments emanating from terrorism. This is a war of freedom and liberation of our nation. We will therefore, keep good diplomatic ties with our allies and friend to make sure maximum cooperation and commitment in eradicating terrorism from all nations of the world.

The US government can and will never be intimidated by any form of attack from the enemies. We have already felt the pain resulting from planned bombings of the US premises by evil-minded persons. I would wish declare that we are not ready to bear such pain any more. Many innocent persons including children and women have fallen victims to the blood thirsty terrorists. I believe that they have taken more than they can swallow. We are not ready to lose more people. We must toil day and night together with our allies to ensure that the enemy is brought to a hold. My government will invest heavily in the security measures required to make this action plan a success. Enough has happened and we have to spring into action now.

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