Example of essay on operations management

Operations Management Lesssons

Just as learning takes place in our daily lives, this course has taught me a lot of important lessons. This paper will be presenting what I have learned during this course and most importantly in relevant areas in operations management. The course is Operations Management which deals with various issues of operation management. The objective of this course is to increase a student’s understanding of the problems and opportunities faced by operations managers in both manufacturing and service organizations. Another objective is to develop an understanding of and an ability to apply operations management concepts and techniques from a variety of perspectives. I also learnt that management in all organization and businesses activities is the process through which different people come together to achieve certain objectives and goals with the aid of the available resources effectively and efficiently.
The first lesson I learnt is an organization is a social entity with different people that are managed and structured to meet an objective or aim at a particular goal. Management in all organization and business activities is the process through which different people come together to achieve certain objectives and goals with the aid of the available resources effectively and efficiently. The resources may include finance, human resource and technology. Most of the times organizations are evaluated to establish the performance of the entire business. The operations of a business are key factors that influence the performance of the entire organization and it is for this reason that it needs to be looked into.
There are important lessons on planning and analytical skills to establish the much needed business operations and management. This has helped to have the knowledge on how to review the demand forecasts with the marketing department and production schedules with the production management department. They set up supply schedules and correspond to the requirements to members of the operations management. This helps the management to be focused to ensure that all essential materials are made available when needed by clients so that the company or business can meet the market requirements.
Planning is also another lesson that I learnt in this course which needs to focus on customers’ needs and wants and not taking selfish interest in the company. Planning often involves designing or research which is systematically planned and intended to accomplish a particular objective. There is no order or sequence of what is being carried out within a company setting. After planning there is the implementation process which makes the plan into action to realize whatever was planned. This is then followed by improving operations in a business. Operations can be improved through collaboration; at all departments of a company, managers and human resource personnel work as a team to develop employees’ skills. For instance, human resource professionals advise department heads and supervisors on how to assign staff members to different roles in the company, thereby helping the company run successfully in its environment. In a flexible company, staff members are shifted from one department to the other to perform a different function based on the company’s set goals and the staff members’ preference. Without strategic planning, businesses cannot hope to be successful in managing changes in its operating environment, a point that is particularly relevant given the volatile conditions of the software industry.
Through the course I learnt aimed at accomplishing positive customer target marketing which according to the studies is the best way for any organization to perform well. One of the main traits of this method is centered on each consumer’s interest and relations with the company to convey targeted, personal concerns and messages. This shows that the company will constantly gather information on the different customers with an aim to offer better services for them and most importantly to retain them as customers who are loyal to the company. This has resulted in businesses taking up customized strategies to increase customer loyalty and hence establishing a permanent base for their goods and services. For instance, the insurance and banking industry, presently has taken a step towards greater customization. Standard goods and services had a change in its menu to include features from which the customers might choose their own individual preference combination. For any organization to meet the customers’ requirements and needs it should consider having customer target dimensions.
I have learnt that supply chain refers to a system of people, information, organizations, activities, and resources involved in ensuring that products or services are moved from the supplier to customers. Supply chain activities transform raw materials, natural resources, and components into a finished product, which will then be delivered to the customer as the end product. In complicated supply chain structure, second-hand products may re-enter the supply chain at any point where residual value is recyclable. It is through the course that I realized that a good supply chain manager is one that plans well, manages and coordinates all activities related to the sourcing and procurement of these of all the supplies made. A supply chain manager must make sure that supplies are made available to the clients when they are needed to meet the ever changing level of demand for a company’s products.
One of the skills I gained through the course is how to organize the workplace such as there should be a combination of funds raised externally, and technology, it allowed the firm to reduce on the time of delivery and increased on the company organization at its disposal and office using layout concepts to have a better work place. This will enable me to come up with a good office layout for any organization and the skill will help me also get a job.