Example of essay on effects of the oil spill in the gulf of mexico

I would ensure that I maintain supply of seafood by establishing an alternative source market. I would abandon the supplies from the Gulf coast and opt for others from foreign markets. This, however, would decrease my profit margins, but satisfy my customer needs. I would also let my customers know that I have changed my source, to reduce their fear of unsafe seafood.
The oil spill would increase the prices of seafood. This is because there would be a few places where to harvest the commodity. The demand for seafood would exceed its supply, causing the few places with safe seafood to hike their prices. The oil spill would cause the prices of seafood imports to increase, causing a consequent rise in seafood prices (Institute of Medicine (U. S.), 2010). This increase in prices would persist until the spill at the Gulf coast was cleared. The price increase would also persist until there was a global balance in the supply of seafood.
I would deal with the competition from others by specializing in the sale of alternative forms of seafood. This would reduce the costs of acquiring a variety of seafood. In addition, I would ensure that my storage methods are safe for human consumption. I would hire a global supplier to cope with the competition posed by the rivals.
My customers would have concerns about the safety of the seafood I offer; they would raise concerns on whether it is contaminated and what measures I have taken to deal with it. I would employ the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the seafood. Such measures would entail the storage and packaging of the food. I would also obtain a permit to prove to them that the seafood I provide is safe for consumption.