Example of critical thinking on jan-werner muller

Article Summary

In his article, Europe’s Perfect Storm: The Political and Economic Consequences of the Eurocrisis, Jan-Werner Muller explores the Eurocrisis and defines it as political and economic storm that may sweep away the accomplishments that have been made by the European Union since its inception. He states that one of the factors that have aggravated this particular crisis is the lack of establishing a consensus on the politics or the economics of the crisis. This has inadvertently hindered the problem solving process of the crisis. The overall effect is that Europe has wasted a lot of money and resources on the crisis and has essential abandoned other political agendas. Ultimately, the deep respect that countries such as Russia, China and the US had for the European Union has faded away and the union has been faulted for failing to come up with an effective solution for the crisis.

Mark Leonard and Hans Kundnani

The main point brought out in the article by Mark Leonard and Hans Kundnani is that even though the European Union is currently embroiled in the famous “ Eurocrisis” the notion that it is headed towards a sure disintegration is a vast overstatement. To support their point, the two authors refer to the fact that Europe is still; the largest single economy in the world and its defense budget is only exceeded by that of the United States. The authors stress that even though the danger of disintegration still looms, the occurrence of such an event is not foreseeable for the next couple of years. If the member states of the union will be able to pool their resources and have a meeting of minds, the union will reacquire its status the perfect symbol of international relations that it once was.