Example of critical incidents in schools essay

Schools may be defined as institutions set for teaching of students following directions by teachers. There, different sets of schools based on the ability of students. There are normal schools led by teachers over normal students. Also, there are schools for students with exceptional needs. An example of students with special needs is the school setting 1-6 grade special educations. Like the normal setting of classes, special education classes experience critical incidents between teacher, students and children. These incidents may be categorized into different situations. However, observing a special education class may portray variant challenges that occur between teachers and students.
Communication is known to be an extremely vital element in school life or in the definition of the relationship between a teacher and students. Observing a exceptional education brings out clear image of the challenges that exist between students and teachers in terms of communication. Communication creates one of the critical incidents between teachers and students. In special education classes, this is a main challenge since not all students have the potential of expressing themselves based on the challenges that they may be experiencing. Communication becomes a critical incident when the teacher cannot maintain outstanding communication with a student (Lovat, Toomey & Clement, 2010).
Listening is extremely vital in any communication. Students expect their teachers to listen to them as well as for students to listen to their parents. At some point, students do not offer an outstanding platform for communication between them and their teachers. In special schools, there are some students who suffer hearing problems. Therefore, there is a need for particular attention during communication with these students. Gestures are usually encouraged to such students to enhance communication with other parties. Therefore, it is required that teachers should have a clear understanding of gestures language to ensure proper communication. Critical incident arises when teachers cannot understand what students mean through certain gestures. Since gestures are their language, they expect their teachers to understand the language and communicate with them of any issue. However, this does not always turn out as intended (Lovat, Toomey & Clement, 2010). Teachers do not sometimes understand the message being relayed by their students, and this may result to extensive disagreement between students and their teachers.
However, these incidents may be eliminated through various actions, which may be undertaken. Teachers and students need to be brought into a healthy environment characterized with understanding and willingness to learn.
One of the steps that may be undertaken to control the consistent critical incidents that arise between teachers and students is to ensure that all teachers hired are fully qualified. This may be based on ensuring that teachers being hired are qualified in terms of academic performance with extremely competitive social skills. Their ability to cope with children under special physical conditions should be evaluated, and the most outstanding should be hired (Goodyear, 1991). Therefore, there should be standards set for qualification as special education teachers.
Following the incidents in which students fail to accord their teachers to the desired respect it would be extremely wise to classify students on the basis of their challenges. With proper categorization of students, the best teacher will be hired for specific classes. Qualifications for teachers to be hired in specific classes must be in line with the needs of the students to ensure a healthy relationship between the parties (Tripp, 1993).
It would also be advisable to ensure there are ethical standards set for teachers. This would ensure that teachers relate with students in the right manner without abuse of their occupation to mistreat students.
Students must also undergo training programs that will foster their social lives and be taught the significance of respect for their children. This program may be involved in the school program so that it may be undertaken by any student who joins the school (Goodyear, 1991).
Therefore, the rampant number of challenges that exist between students and teachers may be solved. Teachers and students must be taught on the need to respect their duties and roles in class.


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