Example of conflict and peace making essay

The post by Kyla is detailed and explains clearly on the benefits that he accrued due to reversed roles. She explains the conflict between her and her husband about the choice or mode to use to discipline their children. This prompted her to adopt her husband’s technique and instill discipline in their children . She explains that this reversal helped her a great deal in understanding the point of view that her husband uses in disciplining their children. Kyla explains that the technique of instilling fear in children to respect adults that her husband uses can be more appropriate at times than trying to reason with the child. She further asserts that she was able to understand why the husband uses such a technique to discipline and she reaffirms that this technique of reversed roles was very beneficial to her. I would also support her in using the method in the future.
Eugene on the other hand asserts that the reversed roles assignment was challenging. He attributes this to the agreeable nature that exists between him and his wife and not much of any reversal would help. He explains that he decided to switch roles and think about the repercussions of moving from their current home town to New York. In his reversed roles, he was trying to think of the repercussions it would have on family and on the education of their son . He explains that the reversed role assignment was not very helpful in solving that issue as it always came down to the decision that he and his wife would settle on. He asserts that they resolved the issue to stay in their home town before moving after critical analysis. He concludes by saying that he would not use reversed role again to solve conflicts as he and the wife agree on many other things. To this, I find his decision sincere and thus agree with him.


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